Why did Daesung & Taeyang end contracts with YG Entertainment? Revealed


BIGBANG’s Daesung and Taeyang depart while YGE and G-Dragon are still in the discussion stage. Learn more about Why did Daesung & Taeyang end contracts with YG Entertainment in detail.

Daesung & Taeyang end contracts with YG

BIGBANG’s Daesung is leaving YG Entertainment after 16 years. The agency first claimed that they were still talking to his bandmates G-Dragon and Daesung about the potential of contract renewals on December 26, amid rumors that Taeyang had signed with THEBLACKLABEL after his deal with YG Entertainment expired.

Daesung has decided to quit his contract with us, YG Entertainment went on to say later that day. He’s seeking a fresh start, they added further. Similar to what they did with Taeyang, YG Entertainment made it clear that even though Daesung was leaving the agency, he was staying with BIGBANG.


Why did both end contracts with YG Entertainment?

BIGBANG, one of the most illustrious idol groups produced by YG Entertainment (YGE), has opted to go its separate ways. According to early rumors on December 26, Taeyang had made the decision not to extend his contract with YGE.  The producer Teddy Park and Kush’s subsidiary company THE BLACK LABEL, which is affiliated with YGE, now includes the idol.

Unsurprisingly, the rumors sparked a frenzy among K-pop fans. Soon enough, rumors concerning the whereabouts of the other two members, Daesung and G-Dragon, started to circulate. Then YGE said they were discussing the duo’s contracts with them.

Daesung’s departure from the agency was also made public a few hours later. Everyone is shocked by the termination because all three members had worked for YG Entertainment for more than 16 years.

BIGBANG made its debut in 2006 and rose to fame swiftly, going down in K-pop history as a key figure. The performers will stay with the ensemble even though they are in several agencies.

Agency’s Statement

Veteran K-pop fans were hit with the news of Taeyang, Daesung, and G-contracts Dragon’s on December 26, 2022, which sent them into a flurry of emotions. T.O.P. quit the organization in February of this year, citing a desire to diversify his endeavors.

Taeyang had reportedly left YG Entertainment for THE BLACK LABEL, according to SPOTV, which broke the story first. Taeyang will continue to remain a member of the YG family and group, according to a statement from YGE that said they were “really thrilled” to deliver the news. Additionally, there were reports of him working with Jimin of BTS. Current artists represented by THE BLACK LABEL, a subsidiary of YGE, include JEON SOMI, ZION.T, and Vince.

The same South Korean media outlet later reported that Daesung had also decided to leave YGE. The organization stated in a formal statement:

“Daesung’s contract has concluded and he is seeking a new start.”

In the meantime, G-Dragon, the lone BIGBANG member still in YGE, is reportedly in talks with them about a solo contract. Taeyang, Daesung, and T.O.P are still very much a part of the legendary K-pop group alongside G-Dragon despite quitting the group to pursue their individual goals.


Fans’ reactions to this news

BIGBANG was making significant progress in the South Korean music industry long before K-pop entered the mainstream of the international music scene.

Before Seungri departed from the group and the entertainment business in 2019 as a result of his involvement in the infamous Burning Sun affair, BIGBANG initially consisted of five members.

The group’s fans, known as VIPs, are understandably feeling a variety of emotions as a result of three of the group’s four surviving members leaving YG Entertainment. Check out a few of the responses below:

One person tweeted,

 It may be a big blow for YG if GD also leaves, but I think it’s time to stop relying on BIGBANG. For BIGBANG, I wish all members the best of luck. We hope to hear their new music next year!  

Another one said,

Daesung, keep singing! I like your voice, please appear in more variety shows, you can grow with SK, you are such a fun person!

One wrote,

“Daesung terminates the contract and seeks a fresh start” OMG they are leaving this company one after another…they should be 




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