Why did Chloe Ferry SPLIT with boyfriend Johnny Wilbo again? Revealed

Chloe ferry and Johnny Wilbo split up

Chloe Ferry and her on-off lover Johnny Wilbo have broken up once again. Let us examine why Chloe Ferry SPLIT with her boyfriend Johnny Wilbo again in detail.

Chloe Ferry and Johnny Wilbo split up?

The 27-year-old Geordie Shore star and 25-year-old Johnny first broke up in September after she accused him of texting other girls behind her back.

After dating for year, the reality TV actress, 27, broke up with Johnny Wilbo, shocking fans, especially after the couple said they were considering having family. According to reports, they both ended their relationship finally as it didn’t work out even after giving it a second try.

The pair first split up in September month and later, they decided to hook up. The following month, they were seen having fun together as they discreetly got back together and decided to try again. But, ‘She’s gutted it hasn’t worked out!’

Split up for the second time:

Two months after accusing her boyfriend Johnny Wilbo of messaging other girls, Chloe Ferry and Wilbo had split once more.
Despite their best attempts, a friend of the pair has said the influencer is now saying they will still be friends even though she is “gutted” it didn’t work out.

Chloe Ferry and Johnny Wilbo have regrettably ended their relationship, but they will still be close friends. Despite her regret that it didn’t work out, Chloe understands it was the best move for them both.

“As Christmas draws near, Chloe has decided to surround herself with family and friends over the festive period as a welcome distraction and concentrate on her businesses.”, as per the source. It comes after the former Celebrity Big Brother star reconciled with Johnny after accused him of texting other girls behind her back.

She made the decision to try the relationship again after hearing rumours that Johnny had been seen out having fun with her.


Chloe Ferry and Johnny Wilbo were caught partying together the following month as they discreetly reconciled and decided to be friends. According to a source, “Johnny has been in touch with Chloe, but he’s really hurt her.”

She found it difficult to trust anyone after her ex Sam (Gowland) caused her so much pain. However, after meeting Johnny and putting her trust in him, only to have that trust abused, she is now broken.

‘She doesn’t want anyone knowing but its baby steps. She’s trying to hold herself back and take it slow even though she loves him.’ Before deciding to part ways, it was alleged that the couple’s relationship deteriorated throughout the summer.

Even after their best efforts, the couple’s friend now claims that the influencer is “gutted” that it didn’t work out. But that they will stay friends.

What happened between the pair?

Things were really well with Johnny. But this summer, things started to fall apart, and it all came to a climax last week, as per the source.

‘There were some really big conflicts. And there was a lot of upset all around.’ When she is ready, Chloe will talk about what occurred, but for now, she is getting up and going on.

Chloe Ferry and Johnny Wilbo

It comes after Chloe said she had “never met anyone” who resembled her ex-boyfriend Owen Warner. She believed the I’m A Celebrity hunk would be crowned King of the Jungle.

How did the relationship started?

Five months after parting from Hollyoaks actor Owen, it was revealed in November of last year that the reality star had begun dating Johnny. Chloe Ferry and Johnny Wilbo started their relationship online.

Chloe previously stated that she had “never met anyone” who compared to her ex-boyfriend Owen Warner. She expressed her desire for the handsome man to be elected King of the Jungle.

After meeting him for the first time online, the brunette beauty dated the actor, 23, for six months, declaring him the “full package.”

“I hope anyone watching him in the jungle can see what a great person he is, and I hope he wins,” the woman said. Later, the pair traveled to Portugal for a sun-drenched vacation. Chloe said she came face to face with his ‘Greek god’ body while on their vacation.

“I was definitely falling for him by then as he is very handsome. But his personality is even better so he’s got the full package”, she said.

She argued that Owen did nothing wrong. Despite reports made at the time that he had been messaging beauty model Apollonia Llewellyn behind Chloe’s back.

“I don’t have one bad word to say about him. He’s a top bloke and one in a million. I’ve never met anyone like him.”

“There were some really big lines and there was a lot of commotion everywhere. Chloe will tell what happened when she’s ready. But she’s already scrambling to her feet and moving past it.’, according to the source.


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