Who is Matthew Plank? More about the suspect in officer-Involved crash

Who is Matthew Plank? More about the suspect in officer-Involved crash


The suspect in an officer-involved crash on Tuesday night was identified by the Lubbock Police Department on Wednesday. Let us see more details about Mathew Plank and what happened at the scene in detail.

Officer hit by a vehicle

According to the Lubbock Police Department, a police officer was struck by a car Tuesday night close to the 2300 block of 51st Street . The officer was taken to University Medical Center with minor injuries.

The first call, according to LPD, came in at 9:10 p.m. According to authorities, only one person was detained. Authorities were still unsure if the officer had been sent to the hospital as of Tuesday night.

Matthew as a Suspect

Matthew Trent Plank was declared a suspect by LPD. In response to a call “regarding squatters” in the 2300 block of 51st Street at 9:10 p.m., LPD attempted to apprehend 44-year-old Matthew Plank. According to LPD, Plank drove at and hit an officer, prompting a response from other officers who stopped and arrested Plank.

Charges Pressed

Plank is accused of seriously assaulting a peace officer. In addition, according to the police, he is accused of possessing marijuana and other dangerous drugs, as well as outstanding traffic warrants. Possession of marijuana and other dangerous drugs is increasing in Texas. People are getting scared. Many Accidents are happening because of the intake of drugs.

Drug possession

It is against the law to use, possess, cultivate or traffic a drug of dependence, including marijuana, heroin, amphetamines, cocaine, LSD, and ecstasy. The penalties for using and possessing small quantities of illegal drugs are treated less seriously than for trafficking and cultivating drugs.

 Importing or exporting drugs is an offense under Commonwealth law. Possession is one of the most common drug offenses. Possession means having a drug on you or in a house or property you occupy.

This includes any on-site cannabis cultivation. If narcotics are discovered in a vehicle that you own or are operating, you could be charged with possession.

Police caution

If it is your first offense and you are found in possession of a tiny amount of marijuana or heroin, you will typically receive a warning (caution) rather than being charged with an offense. This choice is made by the police informant. You must consent to receiving drug counseling and going to a drug rehab facility. If you don’t comply with the agreement, you can potentially face charges from the police.

For the police to prove a charge of possession in court, you must have known that the drug was there and have intended to possess it. Read How we can help before being interviewed by police.

Lubbock Police Department

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