How did Roger Mahoney die? legendary Andy Capp cartoonist cause of death explained

Roger Mahoney

The Gambols cartoonist Roger Mahoney has died at the age of 89. Let’s see how did the cartoonist die and Roger Mahoney cause of death in detail.

How did Roger Mahoney die?

Roger Mahoney, a famous cartoonist for Andy Capp died on November 5, 2022. Andy Capp posted tributes to the former cartoonist saying,

“It is with a heavy heart that we bring the sad news that former Andy Capp cartoonist Roger Mahoney has died. Roger was a comic strip legend and top man and will be very much missed. Our thoughts are with his family. RIP Roger”

Roger Mahoney cause of death

Roger Mahoney, the well-known cartoonist, died on November 5th, at the age of 89. He died peacefully at his home and his death is believed to be of natural cause. Roger Mahoney cause of death was natural.

After the death of creator Reg Smythe in 1998, artist Roger Mahoney continued to create cartoons for the Andy Capp comics, which appear in the Mirror newspapers, for the two decades.

The cartoon world has lost one of its best talents with the death of iconic Andy Capp artist Roger Mahoney. Fellow artists paid tribute to the former professional musician whose amazing talent would drive him to comic strip fame.

Who was Roger Mahoney?

Roger was born in Portsmouth in 1933. Later, he attended art college. Roger Mahoney became a cartoonist for English newspapers after that. He started drawing cartoons for clients while freelancing as a drummer for local bands. He made acquainted with Jim Henson, the man behind the Muppets, and created the comic strip that accompanied the programmme.

Roger is survived by his wife, Myra, daughter Sandra, and sons Julian, Russell, and Terry. He was a wonderful man, Sandra added. He was still drawing right up to 10 days before he died.”

Mahoney also collaborated with Jim Henson on a cartoon adaptation of The Muppets and helped relaunch Norman Pett’s “Jane” comic strip in the Daily Mirror.

Roger Mahoney career:

In 1954, Mahoney sent some of his illustrations to Barry Appleby, who with his wife Dobs created the comic strip “The Gambols” for the Daily Express. Barry gave him encouragement to keep going, and they later developed into longtime friends.

Mahoney contributed strips and jokes to a number of publications on the British Cartoon Archive, including the Scottish Daily Record (“Agony Is” and “Sammy the Caterpillar”), Woman’s Realm (“Mum”), the Daily Mirror (“Millie,” “The Greens,” and “Mandy Capp”), Sunday Express (“L”), and Daily Star (“What’s in a Name?” and “Last of the Summer Wine,” the latter of which published between 26th January 1987 to 24th March 1990, created by Iain Reid.

Roger produced a tonne of cartoons for newspapers, such as Mandy Capp from the Mirror in 1997 and The Gambols. He assumed control of Andy Capp in 2000.  

The transfer was simple because to Roger Kettle’s scripts. After Kettle retired in 2010, Lawrence Goldsmith and Co started writing.

On November 14, 2020, when he was just 87 years old, Roger published his last strip. But he carried on working on The Gambols right up until he passed away. 

Lawrence, a current Andy artist, said: “It was an honour and a privilege to have worked with one of the giants of British cartooning.” Kettle added: “Roger was a brilliant cartoonist who was ridiculously modest.” Lawrence and I frequently looked to Roger to help us come up with new ideas. If a script required revision, his artwork would be used with classic comic visuals.

Tributes to Roger:

Dave Povey tweeted,

In Memoriam: “Andy Capp” and “The Gambols” cartoonist Roger Mahoney via @johnfreeman_DTT. Roger died at the age of 89. RIP.

On The Rory tweeted,

The cartoon world has lost one of its brightest talents with the death of legendary Andy Capp artist Roger Mahoney at the age of 89.

Symon (Yiddsy) Mahoney tweeted,

4 days before Christmas I’m saying goodbye to my Poppa, a very talented cartoonist who most or if not all of you will know of his work, he will be sorely missed RIP Poppa Roger Mahoney.

John Freeman tweeted,

We’re sorry to report the passing of veteran newspaper strip cartoonist, Roger Mahoney.

afnews info tweeted,

Addio a Roger Mahoney, disegnatore di Andy Capp Gran Bretagna, Italia, RIP, Carlo Coratelli, Lo Spazio Bianco November 28, 2022.


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