Who was Ruth Mataafa’s Ex- Boyfriend? Horrific message before murder Revealed


Who was Ruth Mataafa's Ex- Boyfriend  Horrific message before murder Revealed


In the case of the Western Sydney murder of Ruth Mataafa, the killer’s ominous warning is heard in court. Let’s see Who was Ruth Mataafa’s Ex-Boyfriend and the Horrific message before murdering in detail


  • In May 2020, a forensic investigation of Ruth Mataafa’s stabbing death was published.
  • According to a report, coercive control contributes to fatal intimate partner shootings.
  • An unknown person who was Ms. Mataafa’s ex-boyfriend killed both of them.
  • They needed to be recognized for their activities, according to Deputy State Coroner Erin Kennedy.
  • Before the catastrophe, the man had a possessive and jealous attitude toward the victim.


The horrific message of Jaciah Fuimaono before the murder

A coroner has concluded that a murderer’s distressing statement, which was penned before he fatally stabbed his partner, showed “domestic violence at its worst.”

Red signs should be watched for by communities and potential victims, the NSW coroner’s report into Ruth Mataafa’s death said this week.

Ruth Mataafa’s Ex-Boyfriend exhibited possessive behaviors toward Ms. Mataafa and was suicidal, according to the events leading up to the catastrophe.

Her ex-lover left a suicide note on his phone three days prior to the murder on May 30 that revealed his possessive and jealous tendencies. The message found by the police said, “I’m sorry to everyone for what I did aye, I just didn’t want anyone to have Ruth aye.”

The run-up to the tragedy revealed that the man had possessive behaviors towards Ms. Mataafa and was suicidal (in the photo, the words of his suicide message discovered by the police)


Ruth Mataafa Murder case: Explained (2020)

She was murdered by her ex-partner, making her the 23rd Australian woman to die brutally this year. In front of her family, Ruth Mataafa was murdered by her ex-partner on Saturday afternoon at a house in Bidwell, Western Sydney.

Mataafa, 22, was discovered by police outside the house with multiple stab wounds to her back, side, and chest.

She received on-site care from paramedics from NSW Ambulance before being sent in critical condition to Westmead Hospital.  Late that afternoon, she passed away.

Ruth Mataafa, 22, (pictured) died during emergency surgery after she was attacked at her former partner's home in Bidwill, western Sydney, in May 2020.

Jaciah Fuimaono, her ex-partner, was discovered inside the house with self-inflicted chest stab wounds. He is 22 years old. Police have established that he killed Ruth Mataafa before killing himself.

As May draws to a close, researchers from Counting Dead Women Australia @ Destroy The Joint present us with the following sombre statistics: In 2020, violence against women claimed the lives of 23 women.

The victim, who cannot be identified for legal reasons, was stabbed in the chest and died there. Police think his parents were there throughout the attack and were inside the home.



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