Who are Amber and Jamie Waterman? Prime suspects in killing pregnant Ashley Bush

Who is the Prime suspects in Ashley bush case

Ashley Bush, a 33-year-old woman was killed by Amber Waterman. A 31 weeks pregnant woman’s body and her fetus were found in separate locations. Let’s see who are the Prime suspects in Ashley Bush’s case in detail.

What happened to Ashley Bush?

Ashley Bush, a pregnant woman was killed by the Waterman pair. Amber Waterman killed the pregnant woman and her fetus cruelly. To keep her marriage intact, Amber Waterman cheated on the pregnant Ashley Bush with a fake ID.

To lure pregnant ladies into her trap, she tracked them on Facebook. She cheated on Ashley Bush by saying that she will offer free clothes and mum stuff and later killed her. Then the unimaginable occurred. After killing her, she extracted the infant. Both of them died.

Amber Waterman created a fake ID named Lucy Barrows. Ashley Bush, who was 31 weeks along, consented to meet a “Lucy Barrows,” who had posted on Facebook that she had “a bunch of baby stuff if any moms to need them.”

Ashley Bush

Who are the suspects in Ashley Bush’s case?

Federal authorities have charged a Missouri couple in the “kidnapping and murder of a pregnant Arkansas woman,” according to federal authorities. New, gruesome details about the tragedy are revealed by the federal criminal complaints filed against the husband and wife.

Amber and Jamie Waterman, both 42, are being charged in federal court in Springfield, Missouri for allegedly committing offenses that crossed state lines and gave rise to federal jurisdiction. According to a Friday morning article from Law & Crime, the pair was already facing state-level criminal accusations.

According to two criminal charges obtained on Friday, Jamie Waterman is accused of being an accessory to the crime in which Amber Waterman is charged federally with one count of kidnapping resulting in death.

According to those records, Amber Waterman abducted Ashley Bush, 33, while she was “about 31 weeks pregnant,” with the intention of raising Bush’s unborn child as her own.

How did Ashely Bush die?

Bush was fatally dead. Local law enforcement reported that they discovered her and her unborn child in different places throughout Missouri.

According to the federal criminal complaint and an accompanying affidavit, the case began on Monday, Oct. 31, when Bush’s fiancé, Joshua Willis, reported her missing.

Bush’s Case explained:

Some backtracking is required to understand the case.

In Gravette, Arkansas, at a public library on October 28, Bush and Willis had previously met a woman by the name of “Lucy.”

Authorities later learned that “Lucy” had created a Facebook page on October 25 under the name “Lucy Barrows” and had offered “several baby stuff if any mums to need them.”

Bush allegedly fell into the trap. According to the probable cause affidavit, “Lucy” met Bush in the Gravette, Arkansas, library and then promised to put Bush in touch with someone claiming to be a supervisor at a business in Bentonville, Arkansas, to talk about a work-from-home opportunity.

According to federal authorities, the plan intensified when “Lucy” decided to meet Bush on Monday, October 31 at a convenience store in Maysville, Arkansas. The federal government claims that Bush thought she would go to Bentonville with “Lucy” to meet the alleged boss and then return to the convenience store.

The affidavit states that Willis claimed his attempts to contact Bush resulted in his calls going to voicemail at that point when he was anxious and suspicious. On October 31, Willis reported Bush missing at around 6:30 p.m. On November 1, Willis informed the police that he had discovered Bush’s phone in Maysville, off the side of Highway 43.

According to the court documents, Willis assisted the officers in unlocking the phone once they had it in their possession. The aforementioned Facebook links were purportedly discovered after an examination. As soon as the authorities got their hands on the phone and unlocked it, the supposed hoax was swiftly exposed. The so-called “Lucy Barrows” account was registered from an IP address associated with eventual defendant Jamie Waterman in Pineville, Missouri, according to information obtained by emergency law enforcement from Facebook.

The inquiry proceeded quickly. Authorities visited the Waterman house on November 1, the same day they got the phone. They discovered a light tan truck there, and the defendants permitted them to examine the area. According to the probable cause documentation, a detective discovered what appeared to be “blood spots on the interior of the vehicle, notably on the center console, steering wheel, and headliner.”

Amber Waterman claimed to have lost her phone when authorities requested it, according to court documents. It says Jamie confided that Amber led him to Bush’s body around 6:30 a.m. on Nov. 2. Later, they affirmed that they killed the woman and burned him, and hide his body.

Later, the Waterman couple was arrested by the police and is in custody.

“This is just a reminder that it is evil in the world,” Benton County Prosecutor Nathan Smith said. “People do evil things. And that someone would prey upon a pregnant woman in her most vulnerable state is unimaginable but unfortunately that’s the world we live in.”

Statement from Bush’s husband:

Ashley Bush was a mother of three children. His husband, Josh Willis released a statement after her death and the statement reads,

“I’m disgusted in the whole situation. I wish that Ashley and Valkyrie were alive and home with us all. I can’t believe that there are people out there that would do something like this. She was a great mother, a wonderful wife, a very outgoing, caring, and kind person. They didn’t deserve any of this. There are 3 amazing kids here that just lost their mother/best friend and little sister. I just lost my wife and daughter. We are all going to support each other through this but we are all devastated in the whole thing. We all were hoping and praying they would come home safely. I’ve lost all hope in humanity. I appreciate all the help out there from everyone.”


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