Who was Gary Rasor? Why the masked suspect shoved him to the ground? Cause of death explained

Gary Rasor

Police in Hillsborough, North Carolina said that Gary Rasor, 83, passed away from his injuries. Let’s see who was Gary Rasor and why the masked suspect shoved him to the ground in detail.

What happened to Gary Rasor?

Gary Rasor, a home depot worker passed away on December 1 as a result of complications from his injuries, police confirmed on Friday.

“The death was declared a homicide by the North Carolina Medical Examiner.” On October 18, the suspect was spotted on surveillance camera leaving the Home Depot with a shopping cart. According to police, there were three pressure washers inside. Rasor, an employee, approached the suspect’s side but was thrown to the ground by the suspect.



Rasor, also known as Mr. Gary in the store, suffered multiple fractures and was unable to regain his ability to walk, according to the report. He was able to celebrate his 83rd birthday while in the hospital. Sadly, he passed away on December 3, due to complications from the injuries.

Who was Gary Rasor?

Gary was an 83-year-old home depot worker from Durham, North Carolina. Gary is survived by his wife Yovone Rasor, his son, Jeff Rasor, and his grandchildren.

Yovone, his wife claimed to have had a farewell moment with Gary Rasor earlier this week. Gary was pushed to the ground in October while working at a Home Depot. After being transported to the hospital, he passed away as a result of his wounds.

Yovone wept on Saturday, saying, “It’s just hard, and I know it sounds foolish, but I’m still waiting for him to return home.”
The larceny is now being looked at as a potential homicide, according to Hillsborough police, who have labeled the suspect a “menace to society.”

According to the authorities, Gary died on Friday night as a result of complications from his accident-related injuries. The suspect shown on surveillance footage driving away from the store in a white Hyundai Sonata with four doors and a temporary North Carolina license plate was “obscured from witnesses.”

Why the masked man shoved him to the ground?

The masked man involved in the robbery in the depot store shoved Gary to the ground, as Gary approached him. The police are looking for the masked man and the motive behind this crime. The police requested public assistance.

In a prior interview with the site, police Major Andy Simmons said, “Everyone loves him, he’s an outstanding individual.”
“And then somebody does something like this to him just to commit a larceny, it’s absolutely ridiculous.”

“This is 100 percent planned and to include violence for a couple of power washers,” Gary’s son Jeff Rasor said. “It’s almost beyond comprehension. I won’t give up. We’re gonna keep looking and someday they’re gonna make a mistake and that day will be a good day.”

“It’s just beyond our comprehension that someone would do this for a couple of power washers. That just is mind-boggling,” said Jeff Rasor, Gary’s son.

Suspect description:

The suspect is described by police as a Black man who is about 6 feet tall. They claimed that he drove away in a white, four-door Hyundai Sonata.

Although the license plate was hidden, the officers took note that it was a North Carolina temporary tag.

“Anyone with information is asked to contact Hillsborough Investigator Andrew Jones by email or at 919-296-9562,” police said.

You can also report anonymous tips by:

Calling 919-296-9555 or Messaging the department through its Facebook page.


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