Who is the US Border Patrol agent killed in immigrant chase? What happened? Explained

US Border Patrol agent

A US Border Patrol agent was killed during a high-speed chase with an illegal immigrant group. Let’s discuss who is the US Border Patrol agent who died and What happened in detail.

Who is the US Patrol agent who died in the chase?

A 38-year-old agent of the Border Patrol Agency was killed in a high-speed chase with illegal migrants Wednesday morning, according to the Department of Homeland Security. Although the U.S. Border Patrol has not confirmed the agent’s identity, government sources claim that the man was a father of two kids.

According to sources speaking to Fox News, the agent struck a closed fence while traveling at a fast rate of speed while pursuing a group of migrants on an ATV.

At around one in the morning on Wednesday, the agent was following the group of migrants. Authorities claim that when other agents discovered him to be lifeless, they promptly started CPR and called for EMS. The agent was transported to a local hospital, where he later succumbed to his injuries.

What happened to the US Border Patrol Agent?

The Border Patrol has released the Statement regarding the Death of a U.S. Border Patrol Agent.

The statement reads, “On December 7, 2022, at approximately 1:00 am, a Border Patrol agent assigned to the McAllen Station patrolling the international boundary on an all-terrain vehicle was tracking a group of subjects that illegally crossed the border when he was involved in an accident near Mission, Texas. He was found unresponsive by his fellow agents who immediately initiated life-saving efforts and requested EMS. The agent was taken to an area hospital by ambulance where he later passed away.”

United States Border Patrol Chief Raul Ortiz states, “The death of an agent who dies while securing our nation’s border is a tremendous loss for our organization and our nation, our prayers are with his family and co-workers during this difficult time.”

The Border Patrol’s Rio Grande Valley Sector of US state covers 277 miles of border along the Rio Grande and 316 miles along the Gulf of Mexico.

What was people’s reaction?

Mark Elswear tweeted,

US Border Patrol agent killed in high-speed chase of illegal immigrant group @JoeBiden @KamalaHarris this tragic situation is on your hands and both your fault because of your policies !

Michael tweeted,

Will there be a congress investigation into this? I doubt it. US Border Patrol agent killed in high-speed chase of illegal immigrant group.

Sergeant Hick tweeted,

God Bless him and his family. Did NOT have to happen if BORDERS WERE SECURE. US Border Patrol agent killed in high-speed chase of the illegal immigrant

Mmigrant groups posted,

The border Patrol agent killed in high speed car chase with ILLEGAL IMMIGRANT. So called president says he has more important things to do than take care of the border. WAKE up America. He is intentionally destroying America.

Cynthia Anthony posted,

Border Patrol Agent killed during high speed chase with illegal immigrants days after Biden was in AZ but “had more important things to do ” rather than visit the border. Very dangerous situation and security issue created by the government Americans “voted” for. It’s just going to get worse. Thank you, Georgia. God help America.

Wesley Hunt tweeted,

Just one day after Joe Biden refused to visit our southern border because he had, “more important things to do,” we lose one of our best and bravest in the line of duty. Enough is enough! Securing our border must be priority #1 for the 118th Congress.


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