How did Kayla Spangler die? Famous Dwayne Johnson fan with brain cancer died, explained

Kayla Spangler

A community-inspiring teen, Kayla Spangler from Indiana passes away from brain cancer. Let’s see how a Famous Dwayne Johnson fan died and Kayla Spangler cause of death in detail.

How did Dwayne Johnson fan die?

A Franklin County teen who was diagnosed with cancer two years ago and had the support of her entire neighborhood has passed away.

Kayla Spangler, a fan of Dwayne Johnson, 17, had been battling cancer for over two years. When doctors told her she only had days to live, her community rallied to help her cross items off her bucket list.

The first – graduating from high school. Of his three siblings, Spangler was the oldest and the first to earn a degree. Teachers, relatives, and friends all came together in support.

Despite her cancer diagnosis, She was able to finish school until October. Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson, her favorite celebrity, came out in support of her and her family.

Kayla’s cancer journey:

In the fall of 2020, Spangler received a glioblastoma diagnosis following an ATV accident. She had undergone radiation, chemotherapy, and brain surgery. Spangler was also crowned Homecoming Queen in the middle of a football game.

Her father, Navy Petty Officer 1st Class Jacob Spangler, had fallen suddenly in his sleep a few years prior. Kayla was diagnosed with cancer at stage 4 and may only have a month to live, according to her doctors.

Her mother, Linzy Spangler, said in her previous interview, “She knows her life is ending at this point, and I think the more support she has right now, the better,” said her mother, Linzy Spangler. “She’s declining pretty quick ― just last week she attended school on Monday and was not able to make it another day of the week.”

When Kayla was chosen as the Homecoming Queen, her mother, Linzy Spangler, said she was both excited and surprised. In a conversation, Kayla stated: “Have hope in this world. Never take life for granted. Life can change in an instant.”

Rock’s support for his fan Kayla:

Dwayne Johnson expressed his desire to send Kayla Spangler of Franklin County some love in a video message while she fights glioblastoma.

Kayla Spangler, 17, of Brookville, received a video greeting from Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson that was encouraging. She has a terminal illness.

Johnson urged Kayla to continue encouraging others and battling. He said, “Kayla, thank you for being a fan. I know that you’re fighting hard. Keep fighting and keep inspiring everyone around you. You’re my biggest fan? Now I’m your biggest fan.,” Johnson said. Kayla can look forward to this: “I’m gonna send you some cool stuff right away. I’m gonna get it out tomorrow,” Johnson said in his video message.

The community also made her to celebrate Christmas for Kayle earlier this year.

Tributes to Kayla Spangler:

James Stokes posted,

Everyone meets Kayla Spangler, a 17-year-old girl who was diagnosed with terminal brain cancer two years ago. I’ve only known her for a few months, but she touched the lives of many people with her story including myself. Today, she has moved on to a better place. This picture was the last time I got to see her and talk to her. I went to a Christmas party that her mother had for her and played her a song that I wrote. Rest In Peace Kayla, you are strong. It was an honor to get to know you.

Rosalyn Mendez posted,

Please give Linzy Spangler and her family time for healing their privacy is of utmost importance. Today our beautiful Kayla Spangler gained her wings and is in heaven with her daddy Jacob. Please only post to this page, and not the families pages at this time, thank you.

Robin Murrell posted,

Sweet Kayla Spangler gained her wings today. She is in heaven with her daddy. We love you so much, Kayla!!! We miss you and your special “Kayla hugs”.

It was truly an honor to be part of your journey. You touched so many hearts all around you with your love, smile, kind heart, and the best hugs ever. Thank you for being our family, Kayla. You will NEVER be forgotten!!! Sending all the love and prayers possible to Linzy, Bailey, Caleb, John & Pat. I love you all!!

The 812 posted,

Remembering Franklin County teen Kayla Spangler. Franklin County teen Kayla Spangler has passed away from her battle with cancer. The 17-year-old’s inspiring story touched thousands of people, including her favorite movie star.

Nancy Jarzyna commented,

Sending our love and prayers for Kayla’s dear family. May God bless you and keep you during this difficult time.


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