How did Rick Stevenson die? Wayne Township Trustee cause of death Explained


How did Rick Stevenson die? Wayne Township Trustee cause of death Explained

Former Wayne Township Trustee Rick Stevenson passed away unexpectedly. Let’s see what happened to him and Rick Stevenson cause of death in detail.


What happened to Rick Stevenson?

Allen County Democratic Party has announced the demise news of Rick Stevenson on their official FaceBook page, the statement reads,

We are saddened to learn that beloved former Wayne Township Trustee Rick Stevenson has passed away. Rick was elected four times as trustee of Wayne Township, first in 2006 and serving until he stepped down in 2019. He was instrumental in helping Wayne Township grow and believed that it was his job to “give clients a hand up, not a handout.”

We at the Allen County Democratic Party offer our sincerest condolences to Rick’s wife Carol, their children and grandchildren, and friends. May we all remember Rick for his determination to help everyone in our community.


Rick Stevenson cause of death

Rick Stevenson’s cause of death has not been disclosed yet. Neither any online reports nor family members did not reveal Rick Stevenson’s causes of death till now.

Attempts have been made to contact the family and close friends for comments on the occurrence by Medico Topics. There haven’t been any replies as of yet. Once sufficient data is available, we will update the page. We’ll be adding more details soon regarding Rick Stevenson’s cause of death.


Who was Rick Stevenson?

Former mayoral candidate and veteran Wayne Township trustee Richard A. “Rick” Stevenson Sr. Democratic trustee Stevenson, 73, was initially chosen in 2006. His most recent four-year term was elected to him last year. He expressed his desire to leave office during an emotional news conference at his Superior Street office.

Rick’s 2019 interview

I detest the thought of having to be carried out, Stevenson said. A caucus will be held to choose a successor to complete the term, and Stevenson expressed his hope that Chief Deputy Trustee Austin Knox, who will serve as the interim trustee, will be chosen.

Residents in need are assisted by the trustee’s office, which also keeps an eye on how assistance funds are used. Much of Fort Wayne is in Wayne Township.

According to state data, the agency spent $1.16 million on housing, utilities, food, medical care, clothing, transportation, and other relief last year. The amount was less than the $1.4 million spent in 2017.

Stevenson was commended by speakers at the news conference for shoring up finances and organizing records that had been misplaced or thrown away. When he discovered the dwellings were not well kept early in his tenure, he ended a scheme in which the township rented apartments.

Stevenson also created a program to assist township people in locating employment. City Councilman Glynn Hines, D-6th, said, “You and this group have influenced thousands of people.”

After defeating outgoing Trustee Matthew Schomburg in the 2006 election, Stevenson was elected in 2007. He was re-elected in 2010 and won general elections in 2014 and 2018 with no opposition.

He unsuccessfully ran against other candidates for the Democratic nomination in 2015, including the incumbent Mayor Tom Henry.

Stevenson received criticism throughout the campaign for drawing parallels between Fort Wayne and Ferguson, Missouri, the scene of unrest following the shooting and death of a black teenager by a white police officer in 2014.

Members of the township board reached an agreement in 2016 to resolve a lawsuit brought by a fired employee who claimed Stevenson had used township resources for personal political purposes. The board concurred with an insurance company’s recommendation that it would be less expensive to settle than to contest the claims in court after police and prosecutors failed to uncover sufficient evidence to file charges.

Knox has been employed by the municipality since 2015 as an investigator and director of support services. She has collaborated with Stevenson for around two years. If he is selected as the new trustee, he claimed he has no plans for significant changes.

Knox stated, “I want to continue treating people with respect and dignity. When people enter the building, we already know they are struggling. The fact that Howard Stevenson’s father was elected to four terms is evidence of the elder Stevenson’s diligence, according to Howard. He remarked, “That speaks volumes about his character and his work.”



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