Who is Raynaldo Rivera Ortiz Jr.?anesthesiologist charged for killing another doctor

who is Raynaldo Rivera Ortiz

A 59-year-old doctor named Raynaldo Rivera Ortiz Jr. was detained on Wednesday in Plano, Texas, by the Dallas Police Department. Let’s see who is Raynaldo Rivera Ortiz.


What happened?

According to a statement from the US Attorney’s Office, a Dallas anesthesiologist was detained on Wednesday on federal criminal charges for allegedly injecting nerve blockers and other medications into patient IV bags at a surgery centre, which led to his coworker’s death and multiple cardiac emergencies.


who is Raynaldo Rivera Ortiz

According to Dallas Police and the US Attorney’s Office, 59-year-old doctor Raynaldo Rivera Ortiz Jr. was detained by the Dallas Police Department in Plano, Texas, on Wednesday. He is accused of intentionally adulterating drugs and interfering with a consumer product that caused death.

“Although a single instance of apparent purposeful patient damage would be concerning, a pattern of instances is deeply unsettling.


What did US Attorney Chad Meacham say?

US Attorney Chad E. Meacham stated, “At this time, however, we believe that the issue is restricted to one person, who is presently in jail. “The Department of Justice will exert all of its efforts to hold him accountable, together with our tireless allies at the FDA’s Office of Criminal Investigations and the Dallas Police Department. Dallas offers a secure environment for anaesthesia in the interim.


When did the incident happen?

At 10 a.m. on Friday, Ortiz will make his first appearance before a US Magistrate Judge in Dallas. He could receive a life sentence in jail if found guilty.

Ortiz had no lawyer listed as of Thursday afternoon.

According to the Texas Medical Board, the arrest is the result of a string of unanticipated cardiac events that occurred at the Baylor Scott & White Surgicare North Dallas clinic from May through September.

Is anybody passed away due to anesthesia?

In example, according to CNN affiliate WFAA, Dr. Melanie Kaspar, a 55-year-old anesthesiologist at the surgery centre, passed away in June.

She had a medical emergency, the criminal complaint claims, and died right away after treating her own dehydration with an IV bag of saline that she and Ortiz had stolen from the surgery centre where they both worked. She passed away from a deadly dose of bupivacaine, a common nerve blocker used during anaesthetic delivery, according to an autopsy report finished on or around August 24.

The complaint claims that on August 24 as well, a procedure went wrong for an 18-year-old patient who required several days in the hospital.

After obtaining numerous IV bags from the surgery facility, investigators discovered two of them to have minor puncture holes in the clear plastic packing, according to the complaint.


Is there any similar complaint?

According to the complaint, Ortiz was associated with a number of instances based on surveillance footage. For instance, according to the complaint, on August 4 Ortiz walked from an operating room to a bag warmer, placed a single IV bag inside, swiftly walked away, and then quickly inspected the empty hallway.

A bag from the warmer was allegedly utilised during a 56-year-old woman’s scheduled cosmetic surgery shortly after she experienced a cardiac emergency, according to the lawsuit.

The complaint claims that if someone other than Ortiz was in charge of these incidents at the surgical facility, there would likely be video documentation of that individual handling IV bags. “Instead, the video evidence demonstrates Ortiz eerily placing solitary IV bags in the warmer just before the bad occurrences under inquiry,” says the report.


What is the complaint?

According to the complaint, investigators also learned that Ortiz was being looked into by the surgical facility on May 19 for allegedly going above the bounds of care with a patient.

The lawsuit claims that the first cardiac emergency occurrence happened after Ortiz was informed of the disciplinary investigation on May 24.

According to the federal complaint, Ortiz initially received his medical licence in February 1991 and began working as an anesthesiologist at surgical facilities in Dallas.


What did the Texas Medical board say?

According to a statement from the Texas Medical Board, a disciplinary panel of the Texas Medical Board received notice of the allegations on September 9 and temporarily suspended Ortiz’s Texas medical licence “after concluding his continued medical practise poses a continuing threat to the public welfare.”



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