Who is Janelle Zielinski? Meet the cop suspended for having OnlyFans

who is Janelle Zielinski

A Detroit police officer named Janelle Zielinski resigned after the force learned of her pornographic OnlyFans website. Let’s see who is Janelle Zielinski.

who is Janelle Zielinski

After completing the police school in March, Janelle Zielinski was hired by the Detroit Police Department. On Tuesday, September 13, Detroit Police Chief James White learned that Zielinski had been managing an OnlyFans page and immediately suspended her pending an investigation.


OnlyFans profile

When authorities learned that a rookie Detroit police officer had an OnlyFans profile, she opted to retire. Janelle Zielinski was employed by the Detroit Police Department after completing the police academy in March.


Why did she resign?

Tuesday (September 13), Zielinski was suspended pending an inquiry when Detroit Police Chief James White learned that she had been managing an OnlyFans page. He then found out that Zielinski had handed in his letter of resignation a day earlier. She is no longer employed due to the suspension, even though it became effective on September 23.

Despite having a link to her explicit OnlyFans page on her personal Instagram, Zielinski did not upload any images of herself wearing a uniform on OnlyFans but did share them there.


What did Graveline say?

According to Chris Graveline, the director of the Detroit Police Department’s Professional Standards division, “one of our officers through her Instagram account had a paywall built up and was releasing pornographic movies on the other side of the paywall.”

“One of the pillars of DPD is that you must maintain an untarnished personal life as well. Our officers place a lot of focus on this, so when we notice something like this, Command reacts immediately. Chief White takes these matters seriously as they affect the entire city of Detroit, not just the DPD “added graveline

Zielinski has not made any remarks regarding her resignation.



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