Who is Paul Brand? Meet the new GMB presenter along with Kate Garraway

Who is Paul Brand

Paul Brand, an ITV News presenter, appeared on the show with Kate Garraway. Kate greeted Paul, who many will recognise as the UK Editor for ITV. Let’s see Who is Paul Brand, and Paul Brand new GMB

Paul Brand new GMB

Fans of ITV’s Good Morning Britain were taken aback today when a familiar face took over as host. Paul Brand, an ITV News presenter, appeared on the show with Kate Garraway.

Kate welcomed Paul, who many would recognise as the UK Editor for ITV News and a former Political Correspondent. “I believe I’m punching here, Kate,” Paul admitted.


Who is Paul Brand

Paul Brand is a Welsh journalist who works as the UK editor of ITV News. Since 2022, he has been the host of the current affairs show Tonight. He formerly worked as a political correspondent for ITV News. He was important to the reporting on a series of suspected gatherings across government buildings during the COVID-19 outbreak.


What do Paul and Kate talk about?

“You’re really not,” Kate replied, before going on to say, “We’re normally talking to you here in the studio about all the fantastic things that you’ve done and brought to everyone’s attention with your brilliant journalism, but now you’re back presenting GMB.” So, how do you feel?

“Awake. that is a nice thing “Paul cracked a joke. Today, Kate informed her co-star: “That’s a terrific starting point. Most of the time, he’s better than Ben Shephard.”

Paul went on to say: “I have a one-year-old kid, so he’s been a fantastic practise for the early start, and I’d normally be changing a nappy around this time. So this is a considerable improvement over my typical morning routine.”

Kate continued: “That’s a terrific starting point. We wanted to extend a warm welcome to Paul because I know you’d all recognise him and portion of his narrative has affected all of our lives.”


Paul Brand’s Early Life

Brand was born in the Welsh town of Bridgend. His mother went to law school. He was born in the late 1980s and grew up in the early 1990s.

He went to his local comprehensive school, where he became head boy, and says he intended to be a journalist since he was “around 17 or 18 years old.” ITV provided him with a stipend to study journalism at City University of London.

Joe Cuddeford, a government servant, is Brand’s husband.


Paul Brand Career

Brand began his career at ITV Wales as a production journalist. He began his career as a reporter before moving on to become a political journalist for ITV Yorkshire and ITV Tyne Tees & Border.

At the 2019 PinkNews awards, Brand was named ‘Broadcaster of the Year’ for his research into gay conversion therapy.

In July 2018, he persuaded Prime Minister Theresa May to apologise for previous votes on homosexual rights.

In July 2020, Press Gazette awarded Brand a ‘Excellence in Journalism Award’ for his research that revealed people were being discharged from hospitals into care homes without being tested for COVID-19.

On March 9, 2022, he was confirmed as the new Tonight host, succeeding Julie Etchingham in April. Etchingham had opted to leave Tonight in order to focus on ITV News at Ten and documentary projects.


People’s reaction to Paul Brand GMB Presenter

Tina Teapot said,

This Paul Brand fella let himself down, firstly stating that Mick Lynch is on a six figure salary which is wrong, then saying that he doesn’t want to demonise him for It. What was the point of saying it then? Don’t get your info from outlets that are trying to demonise him #GMB

Kathy Taylor said,

Paul Brand getting owned there for telling Mick Lynch he’s on a six figure salary then saying hes not trying to demonise him. If you put the lie out there it will be believed #GMB

Bonnieboo said,

Paul Brand dragging himself through the GMB editorial gutter this morning. ‘I’m not trying to be a tabloid shitbag, but I’m going to say a tabloid shitbag thing’, really ain’t going to cut it Paul I’m afraid. #GMB

Gazberto said,

Paul Brand can’t understand why Mick Lynch and Andrew Haines (Network Rail) who are just yards away from each other can’t get together and talk,what the hell does he think they’ve been doing for the last few months Brands right he doesn’t understand,#GMB

Neil B said,

Paul Brand is now a main presenter on @GMB..?!  ITV/GMB have now given up any pretence of impartiality. The most bias channel on UK TV, they even make Sly News seem balanced and reasonable



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