Accident in concord CA today: What happened? Explained


Accident in concord CA today: What happened? Explained

On Wednesday night in Concord, police were called to the scene of a car accident on Monument Boulevard. Let’s see about the Accident in concord CA today

What happened?

The Concord Police Department said that one individual perished in the three-vehicle collision.

On Monument Boulevard and Lacey Lane, the incident took place.

According to CPD, Monument Boulevard, Lacey Lane, and Reganti Drive were shut down but are now open.

At 5:53 in the evening, police arrived at the scene.

The guy was pronounced dead there and then.

If there were any other injuries, police remained mum.

What did police confess about the incident?

Accident in concord CA today: According to the police, three vehicles were involved in the accident. It’s unclear what led up to the incident.

One person was enunciated deceased at the scene following the collision.

Details on whether other involved parties were injured were not immediately available.

The Concord Police Department is investigating the crash.



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