Sika and Sadiq Khan: How did they seperated and United after 75 years?


Sika and Sadiq Khan: How did they seperated and United after 75 years?

Sika was reunited with Sadiq after multiple phone calls and help from Pakistani YouTuber Nasir Dhillon. Let’s see How did Sika and Sadiq Khan separate and United after 75 years in detail

How did they separate and United after 75 years?

After being divided by Partition in 1947, Indian Sika Khan finally got to meet his Pakistani brother, and tears of pleasure streamed down his aged cheeks. 

When Britain divided the subcontinent at the end of colonial rule, Sika, a Sikh laborer, and his older brother Sadiq Khan were separated at the age of six months.

This year is the 75th anniversary of Partition. 

A period of sectarian violence that may have resulted in the deaths of over a million people.

Sika sharing his tragic family story

In communal killings, Sika’s father and sister perished, but Sadiq, who was only 10 years old, was able to escape and get to Pakistan. 

In Bhatinda, a district in the Punjab state of western India, which took the brunt of Partition violence, Sika said at his basic brick home, “My mother could not endure the agony and plunged into the river and killed herself.”

I was abandoned and raised by some relatives and the villagers.

Sika had always been curious about his brother, the sole surviving member of his family, ever since he was a young boy. 

However, he was unable to advance until a nearby doctor offered to assist him three years ago.

Sika was reunited with Sadiq after multiple phone calls and help from Pakistani YouTuber Nasir Dhillon. 

At the Kartarpur corridor, a rare, visa-free crossing that enables Indian Sikh pilgrims to visit a temple in Pakistan, the brothers finally came face to face in January.

Even though there are still active hostilities between the two countries, the corridor, which opened in 2019, has come to represent harmony and reconciliation for estranged families.

“Even though he is from Pakistan and I am from India, we adore one another. 

“We hugged and cried so much when we met for the first time. The countries can keep on fighting. We don’t care about India-Pakistan politics.”

Politics between India and Pakistan don’t concern us, Sika said while holding a faded and framed family portrait.

Sika’s icky story

Sadiq, who was just 10 years old, fled to Pakistan while Sika’s father and sister perished in the sectarian killings that precipitated the division.

“My mother could not handle this pain and jumped into the river and truly committed suicide,” Sika said.

I was “put at the mercy of the villagers and some kinfolk who brought me up,” Sika Singh directed.

As the lone survivor of his marriage and children, Sika desired to learn about him when he arrived to learn about his brother from his early years, but he was powerless to do so.

Persons assisted to reunite Sika and Sadiq

A doctor helped him in the previous three decades so that he might learn about his sibling.

The physician built up a number of phone calls to Pakistan before

He talked to Pakistani YouTuber Nasir Dhillon, who was determined to arrange a meeting between Sika and Sadiq.

Sika and Sadiq’s brothers finally succeeded in January at the Kartarpur Corridor, a unique, visa-free crossing that allows Indian Sikh pilgrims to visit a temple in Pakistan.

India Pakistan Separation

Following the partition in 1947, India and Pakistan were split into two separate countries; Sika Singh, who was 6 months old at the time, stayed in India.

Sadiq Khan, his older brother, went to Pakistan.

The two brothers split apart shortly after the two nations did, but when they reunited years later, tears continued to flow from their eyes as they hugged and dispelled the animosity of their years-long absence.

Sika Singh, a Sikh laborer, claimed that when he was just six months old, he and his older brother Sadiq Khan had split up because the country had been split in two.

The 75th anniversary of Partition brought delight to many people this year.

When families like the Sika were being ripped apart to create two independent nations. Pakistan and India, sectarian slaughter likely killed more than a million people 75 years ago today.

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