Who is Marianna Triasko? The Ukrainian in Italy died defending her country


Who is Marianna Triasko? The Ukrainian in Italy died defending her country


Marianna Triasko is a Ukrainian citizen of Italian descent who lost her life for her nation. Let’s see Who is Marianna Triasko in detail

Who is Marianna Triasko?

Marianna Triasko is an Italian-Ukrainian woman who lived in Veneto for 14 years and died in Ukraine.

She was an Ivano-Frankivsk native who lived in Villorba, close to Treviso, and married to an Italian. Thus, she had two kids, ages ten and fourteen.

The Tgr Rai of Veneto described the tale.

According to the former mayor of Villorba Marco Serena:

She went back to Ukraine when the fighting began. The woman appears to reside in the Treviso municipality with her family. She is a citizen of Italy and was approached by Ansa.

The town, which is on the outskirts of Treviso to the north, doesn’t receive much attention in her life.

What happened to Marianna?

Marianna’s body will shortly be brought and buried in his country, according to certain Ukrainian media.

Because of the mortar fire, the woman was seriously hurt in the field. For approximately two days, physicians did everything they could to save her life, but she did not survive.

A friend of hers said that Marianna had no reluctance in leaving everything behind and leaving Ukraine after watching on television that medical experts were scarce there. “He wanted to be useful to our troops and Ukraine,” the buddy stated.

Also, “When we initially met, he spoke a lot and constantly grinned, as if he wasn’t afraid. Her brothers thought highly of her. She was always thinking about their welfare and knew how to uplift them. She continues to be cherished by many in her village in the Ivano-Frankivsk region.

“Marianna grew up here, attended school, and later worked as a doctor at a nearby hospital,” a friend of hers writes on the Ukrainian website news.obozrevatel.com. The two sisters and her mother lives there, while her brother is in Germany. According to Ukrainian media reports, the young woman’s body will soon be delivered and buried in her homeland.

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