How was StroyPark Mall destroyed? What happened? Suspicions of sabotage Explained

After the second mall in Moscow went up in flames, suspicions regarding sabotage attacks in that country have become more intense. Let’s see How StroyPark Mall was destroyed and the cause of the fire in detail.

How StroyPark Mall was destroyed?

After hearing about a fire that was around 500 square metres in size, dozens of fire personnel were dispatched to a mall east of Moscow this morning.

Huge black smoke plumes were observed rising from the construction site of a mall east of Moscow in Russia after a fire started in building materials extended to the first level.

The second significant incident in the region in three days occurred on Monday morning when the “Stroypark” retail center in Balashikha, Moscow region, caught fire.

They desperately tried to put out the fire while more than 60 firefighters and members of the Russian Emergencies Ministry were dispatched to the scene.

Social media users have posted various videos of the incident that show thick black smoke clouds bursting from the mall against the city’s freshly fallen white snow.


Injury Reports

According to reports from official media in Russia, the incident resulted in the injury of at least one individual, who is thought to be a security guard.

East of Moscow, massive fire breaks out, injuring one security guard. 

(Photo: TWITTER)

Before firefighters came, the victim attempted to extinguish the fire himself, which resulted in upper respiratory tract burns. Those still working there were “promptly evacuated,” according to the press office of the Balashikha urban district government.

The fire was reported by the Ministry of Emergency Situations at 08.33 local time (5.33 am GMT), following an urgent contact from the mall to the “operational-duty shift.”

Russian Federation’s Statement

According to a formal news release from the regional office of the Russian Federation’s Ministry of Emergency Situations, the “burning of garbage” was the key issue.

It read:

“At the time of the arrival of the first fire and rescue unit, burning of garbage was observed in an open area covering an area of ​​200 sq.m. Further information is being specified.”

“Attracted forces and means: 14 pieces of equipment, 45 people, including 6 pieces of equipment from the Russian Emergencies Ministry, 18 people.”

“Keep calm, don’t panic. Observe fire safety rules!”

Cause of the fire

Unverified rumors on social media claimed that the fire was caused by sabotage attacks in Moscow, even though the authorities stated that the source of the fire was unknown.

The first floor of the mall fire can be seen on close-up video enveloped in flames.

(Photo: TWITTER)

The Stroypark Mall fire is the second incident of this kind.

Another Fire Incident

Four days have passed since a large fire tore through another retail complex to the northeast of Moscow. The most recent incident occurred just four days later.

A fire that started on Thursday extended to the roof of an OBI superstore, killing at least one person.

(Image: GETTY Images )

After the fire spread to the OBI superstore’s roof at the Mega Khimki mall, which previously housed a large number of Western businesses before Russia invaded Ukraine, at least one person was killed in the tragedy.

The multiplex store and 18,000 square metres of the fire were both consumed at one point. Firefighters fought to put out the blaze until the early hours of Thursday morning; according to Russian media, by 8.30 am local time, it had been contained to 7,000 square metres.


An Emergencies Ministry representative reported that the “open fire” had been extinguished two hours later.

The OBI superstore, a German home goods retailer now controlled by Russian-born German-Israeli businessman Josef Liokumovich, is where at least one explosion was reported in the shopping centre.

According to firefighters, the explosions thought to be the result of exploding aerosol cans and paint cans, caused the building to collapse, which then allowed the fire to spread.

Fire’s Loss Estimation

A criminal investigation into the incident has been launched by Russia’s Investigative Committee. $320 million to 480 million dollars (£261 million to £390 million) have been estimated as the fire’s losses.


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