How did Wayne Big bee die? Cause of death Revealed


How did Wayne Big bee die? Cause of death Revealed

The Rathskeller, a landmark on Massachusetts Avenue, made the news of the passing of a beloved employee on Wednesday. Let’s see how the employee died and Wayne Big bee cause of death

What happened to Wayne Big bee?

According to a Facebook post from The Rathskeller, Wayne Big bee spent 29 years there and was renowned for remembering his customers’ orders and making them “feel special.”

Wayne was more than simply a coworker; he was my brother and a true friend. Even if it is difficult, we must keep moving forward as I type this.

I take solace in recalling that alluring smile, quick wit, ridiculous sense of humor, and capacity to recall our guests and what they consistently ordered.

Before placing your order, your cocktail was already on the bar—what a fantastic ability!

Dan Michael, the owner of The Rathskeller, remarked that Wayne made everyone feel special.

Wayne Big bee cause of death

Medico topics have been trying to reach out to the family and relatives for comment on the incident. So far no responses have been received. We will update the page once enough information is available. More information on Wayne Big bee Cause of Death will be added soon.

Tributes paid to Wayne Big bee 


Cindy Cohrs Dickmeyer posted,

This news makes me sad. We were there in July and Wayne waited on us – he just knew exactly what to say and do to make people feel comfortable and provide excellent service to his customers. He was excellent in his job & people skills. As we were leaving he told us “I’ll just say goodbye like we say it in the old country” (expecting something in German) – and with a big grin on his face he said “y’all come back now, ya hear”!RIP Wayne

EmiSunshine posted,

So sorry for the loss… what a beautiful tribute.

Nichole Boyles posted,

Wayne always made our visits to the Rathskeller the most memorable. He will be greatly missed. Love and hugs to all who knew and loved him 💕

Leonard Patterson posted,

I can’t even…. 😢 🙏🏽 Was so looking forward to walking back in to the bar and asking him for “the usual” after 9 years away just to get a reaction. Going to be sorely missed. Blessings to you all and his family 💕

Paul Sherlock posted,

Wow, where to start. I have nothing but great memories shared with Wayne and the Rathskeller. For the past 20 years he always greeted me with a handshake and how are you doing Paul. He always made you feel welcome. It’s a sad day but I can only think of the greatness he brought to so many.

Amanda Kendall Madore posted,

I’m so shocked by this news. This is such a huge loss. Wayne was such a great man. I will never forget his glowing smile and great laugh. Rest easy my friend. You will be dearly missed by so many.

My Yellow Rickshaw posted,

One of the most professional and gracious people we have worked with around Indianapolis — while we didn’t get to see Wayne often, it was always a joy to see him. Wayne truly had a gift of hospitality, and making people feel at ease and comfortable. Rest in peace Wayne, we will miss you 🙏🏼

Jennie DeVoe posted,

I can’t believe I’m seeing this. Losing Wayne is beyond fathomable. He was a friend and a bright light and I am heartbroken and gutted. Wayne was one of the kindest humans and first people I met in Indy. This is a great loss for so many people who loved him so much. Our hearts go out to his family and many many friends. We love you Wayne 🙏❤️🙏


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