Hilaree Nelson body found: What happened? Cause of death Explained

Hilaree Nelson

On Wednesday, a search team recovered the body of top US ski mountaineer Hilaree Nelson from the Himalayas. The body is being transported to Samagaun. Let’s see how did she die, what happened, and what was Hilaree Nelson Cause of Death.

Hilaree Nelson

A search team in Nepal has retrieved the body of prominent US ski mountaineer Hilaree Nelson from the Himalayan peak of Mount Manaslu.


What happened to Hilaree Nelson?

Nelson, 49, went missing on Monday while descending the world’s eighth highest peak with her companion.

On Wednesday, rescuers discovered her body on the south face of the 8,163m (26,781ft) summit. According to previous reports, she fell into a crevasse in a glacier.

Nelson was widely considered as one of the most accomplished mountaineers of her generation.

She and her companion Jim Morrison were the first to ski down Mount Lhotse in Nepal, the world’s fourth-highest peak, in 2018.


US climber Hilaree Nelson found dead after fall from Mount Manaslu in Nepal | World News | Sky News


Hilaree Nelson Cause of Death

Previous helicopter searches had proved futile and impeded by inclement weather.

On the same day Nelson went missing, an avalanche killed one person and injured more than a dozen others on the same summit.

According to witnesses, she fell into a large crevasse in the ice only 15 minutes after reaching the peak of Manaslu.

Outside magazine quoted a local guide who had been working with the pair as saying that “her ski blade skidded off and [she] plunged off the other side of the peak.”


Medico topics have been trying to reach out to the family and relatives for comment on the incident. So far no responses have been received. We will update the page once enough information is available. More information on Hilaree Nelson Cause of Death will be added soon.


Where did her body retrieve?

According to expedition organisers, Morrison and three Sherpa guides were lowered by helicopter to retrieve Nelson’s body from around 6,000m on Manaslu on Wednesday morning.

“The body has been transported to base camp. It will be transported to Kathmandu after the relevant legal formalities are completed “Jiban Ghimire, managing director of Shangri-La Nepal Trek, said the Kathmandu Post.


Skier Hilaree Nelson's body found after missing in Himalayas


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Who is Hilaree Nelson?

Nelson, who grew up in Seattle, began skiing at the age of three in Washington’s Stevens Pass. She had a number of successes to her name over her career. Nelson was an outspoken supporter of the ‘She Moves Mountains’ initiative, which aimed to inspire, prepare, and mobilise female explorers.

She is also the first woman to complete a 24-hour ascent of both Everest and Lhotse, the world’s highest mountains.

Renowned Mountaineer Hilaree Nelson's Body Found on Manaslu - Outside Online

Tribute to Hilaree Nelson

Philippa Lewis said,

Awful to see Hilaree Nelson’s death has been confirmed. She’s left an incredible legacy – I will always be endlessly inspired that a woman in her late 40s with two kids was still able to perform at her level. So grateful for what her life has made seem possible and achievable.
Cody Townsend said,
This one hurts. @hilareenelson has been an underground hero of mine for a long time. Before I knew of ski mountaineering, before I started partaking in the act of climbing and skiing mountains, I remember being a young skier who was mesmerized
Hermanos Pou said,
The worst news regarding our colleague Hilaree Nelson is confirmed… The American mountaineer and skier has been rescued lifeless from Manaslu…  We lose someone very great : Goodbye Hilaree , rest in peace
Bhadra Sharma said,
SAD NEWS HERE. Dead body of missing US climber Hilaree Nelson was found in Mount Manaslu. Three rescuers dropped by a rescue helicopters located her body today morning. The dead body, according to LO Sachindra Yadav, is being brought to Samagaun.
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