Who is Manifest Music (Cody Logan)? Robert Hampton mourns the loss of his brothers wife

Manifest Music

Robert Hampton, a well-known rapper mourns the death of Cody Logan’s wife. Let’s see who is Manifest Music (Cody Logan) and how did his wife die in detail.

Robert Hampton’s tribute to his brother’s wife:

Robert shared a tribute to Cody Logan’s wife on his Facebook page requesting his followers to follow Manifest Music. Hampton shared his experiences with Manifest Music and told his fans to support and follow Manifest Music.

Robert Hampton’s tribute message reads,

“Everybody go follow my brother Manifest Music “Cody Logan” and send him some words of encouragement for me PLEASE. His wife just passed away a couple days ago and it’s weighing heavy on my heart. 🙏🏾 He’s been pushing me and motivating me to continue making music for the last 10 years and he’s one of the reasons I still make music. I love this dude so much and I really need y’all to lift him in prayer. It hurts so bad because he has a Son and a 4 month old daughter and now he’s a single father. 🥲💔 His kids have to go through what I went through without having a mother and I hurts me so much because I know what that feels like. R.I.P Beautiful Queen 🕊️♥️”

He ended the message with “Manifest music for life”.

The actor, singer, songwriter, and rapper, Robert Hampton, alias “Latruth,” the founder and president of the record label “Fast Cash Records / Gswag Ent” requested his fans to follow and support Manifest music.

He shared the demise news of Cody Logan’s (Manifest Music) wife. Tributes have flooded after the demise news broke out.

Latruth is famous for his online-only songs, and he is an underground rapper. He has recorded 11 albums and has publicly released 5 projects on social music media sites.

Who is Cody Logan?

Cody Logan is an Owner of Manifest Music, Charlotte Music Awards International and Founder of the Carolina Music Video Awards. 

The Manifest Music company was established in 2012 in Charlotte, NC, United States, North Carolina. All musical genres, including Hip Hop, Pop, R&B, Soul, and Gospel, will be the center of Manifest Music. 

Cody Logan's family

This company will improve musical skill and advance the skills of artists in developing them. The goal of Manifest Music is to develop regional artists who will assist North Carolina achieve international recognition. 

The Queen City has the potential to become the following musical Mecca, as we all know.

Cody Logan’s wife death:

Cody Logan’s wife has passed away two days before. Robert Hampton takes his social media handle to share his condolences to the Logan’s wife.

Logan’s wife has passed away a couple days ago. It is believed that wife passed away a week after her illness. However, he did not disclose the illness she suffered. He has a Son and a 4 month old daughter.

Earlier, Cody Logan requested his fans to pray for her wife last week in his Instagram page saying,

“Anyone who knows my wife, knows she hates taking pictures but I had to post a pic of both of us as I want to thank everyone for the ongoing prayers for her. God will see this through!”

Sadly, she passed away after a week.

Manifest Music

Logan’s Manifest Music made a superstar Big Greg and Robert Hampton (LaTruth), a social media star. Big Greg and LaTruth have both won the Hollywood Music in Media Awards for Hip Hop in separate years. Manifest Music plays a major role in Robert Hampton’s music career.

Big Greg received the prestigious award for his track “You Can Have It All,” and LaTruth won it the following year with his smash hit “Don’t Disrespect” featuring Snoop Dogg.

Cody Logan also developed and own CMVA 107.5 FM, a rapidly expanding station with over 5,000 daily listeners and imprints in 5 different countries.

In order to help them register their songs and make sure they receive any money owed to them, he counsel with artists as well.

Tributes to Logan’s wife:

Carol Rodney commented,

Condolences to you and your family. I pray God’s continued peace, comfort and strength will be with him as he goes through this difficult time.

Gwendolyn Albury Poitier posted,

Praying for the family. Much love, sympathy, and blessings to you all. Stay prayed up!!!

Janice Williams commented,

My sincerest condolences too your friend his children and you. I am praying for you all. God is intentional and he will sencd his strength and comfort.  

Cyndi Jefferson commented,

Sending him prayers of comfort strength and understanding. God embrace his wife’s family as well as his family and those attached. Continue to walk with them God.

Tèresà Alwãys Dólled Elmorè commented,

God is your source of strength, peace, and understanding in the days ahead friends & family of thier beloved angel. My condolences to the entire family.  


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