Who is Danny McLean? Shakilus Townsend murderer freed after 13 years

The Parole Board has decided that a jealous ex-boyfriend who organized a masked and hooded gang to ambush and kill a 16-year-old boy in a honeytrap can be released from prison. Let’s see Who Danny McLean is and about Shakilus Townsend murder incident in detail.

Who is Danny McLean?

In 2008, Danny McLean, now 32 years old, and five other people were waiting in Thornton Heath, south London, with knives and baseball bats to murder Shakilus Townsend.

Danny McLean (Picture: PA)

Shakilus Townsend was killed in a south London cul-de-sac after being persuaded to go there by Danny McLean and five other people.

‘Honeytrap’ killer Samantha Joseph from Brockley, south-east London.

(Picture: PA)

Shakilus Townsend murder incident

Samantha Joseph, McLean’s ex-girlfriend, purposely led the young guy into the lethal ambush, where he was beaten and stabbed six times in the horrific murder. Samantha Joseph was 15 years old at the time.

Samantha Joseph lured Shakilus Townsend into the deadly honeytrap.

(Photo: PA/Metrpolitan Police)

The victim and Joseph had met when she was wearing see-through clothing, and they later took a bus to see the person Joseph thought to be her cousin.

Joseph, however, texted gang member Danny McLean after the two travellers arrived in Thornton Heath, south London.

Shakilus was then led into an alleyway by the woman, where he was attacked by six youths wearing masks and killed with knives and baseball bats.

When McLean discovered Joseph had cheated on him with the victim, he ordered his gang, Shine My Nine, to carry out the attack.

Joseph, who was fixated on the thug and had told his mother that he planned to marry the girl one day, assisted in planning the attack on the boy. The kid was in love with her.

Both Joseph and McLean received murder convictions.

Samantha Joseph and Danny McLean walking away after the beating of Shakilus Townsend (Picture: PA)

Shakilus was on his deathbed when a neighbour intervened to drive the gang away and save him.

After an Old Bailey trial in 2009, gang member Mclean was sentenced to a minimum of 15 years in prison. He has been in open prison since February 2020.

Shakilus died after the attack in 2009 (Picture: PA)

The Release Plan

Since then, according to the Parole Board, he has found a job and has spent evenings away from home custody “without concern.”

The Panel said:

“The panel examined the release plan provided by Mr McLean’s probation officer and weighed its proposals against assessed risks.

“The plan included a requirement to reside in designated accommodation as well as strict limitations on Mr.McLean’s contacts, movements and activities.

“The panel concluded this plan was robust enough to manage him in the community at this stage and noted his very positive record in relation to compliance since being in open conditions.”

The conditions for McLean’s release

The conditions for McLean’s release include that he reside at a pre-approved residence, consent to increased probation staff monitoring, and abide by an exclusion zone to avoid contact with the victim’s family or any prior acquaintances from the time of the murder.

McLean had a relationship with Emma Beard, a prison guard at the Feltham Young Offenders’ Institution, while he was there. She received a year in prison for misusing her position of public trust.

SHAKILUS Townsend’s mother old statement

The mother of SHAKILUS Townsend has spoken out following the conviction of seven teenagers for the honey trap murder of her 16-year-old son.

In a statement read outside court, Nicola Dyer said:

“Shakilus’ death was a senseless, premeditated murder and nobody deserves to die in the appalling way that my son did, especially not a child.

“I have raised him from the age of seven on my own and he was the eldest of five children. We were very close.

“He was popular and always had girlfriends, but the girl on trial was different. He really cared about her and I can’t understand how she could have callously set him up and lured him to his death.


SHAKILUS Townsend’s mother Nicola Dyer. (Image :PA)

To the Young people,

“To those young people carrying knives or those in gangs, the next time you’re called to ‘a madness’ take a step back and remember that what you’re about to do is exactly that – madness.

“You may think that you are in too deep, but you can change. Don’t wait until tomorrow. Tomorrow may be too late.”

‘My Murder’ Movie

The true account of Shakilus Townsend, a 16-year-old who was killed in what is now known as the honey trap killing, is told in the movie My Murder.

Townsend was lured to his death by the 15-year-old he believed to be his girlfriend.

The heartbreaking factual account of the Honey trap killing is told in this movie.

In addition to immortalising Shakilus Townsend, John Boyega delivers an incredibly nuanced performance that makes for an unforgettable encounter.

The dramatisation of this story was broadcast on BBC last year, and John Boyega did an incredible job portraying the victim.

People Comments

People have been commenting about the release of one of the murderer of Shakilus Townsend.

Roxy tweeted,

“Must be pressure on places in prison now a lot of people will get a release date early.”

We got Annie tweeted,

“None of them should walk free! Life should mean life!”

What a life tweeted,

One of the boys that killed Shakilus Townsend has been released after serving 14 years in prison. Really thinking about Shakilus’ mother & how she must be feeling.


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