Who is Kevin Gonzales? Why did he kill Andrea Bullo and his son Marco? Explained


Who is Kevin Gonzales? Why did he kill Andrea Bullo and his son Marco? Explained

Andrea Bullo and his son died in a fiery collision in Woodland Hills that was allegedly caused by a driver under the influence of alcohol. Let’s take a closer look at Who is Kevin Gonzales and the reasons behind his murder of Marco Bullo and Andrea Bullo.

Who is Kevin Gonzales?

Intoxicated driver

Los Angeles, California (3 November 2022) – The two victims in a car accident involving an alleged intoxicated driver in Woodland Hills, Los Angeles, have been identified as Andrea Bullo and his son. The collision occurred on Tuesday at 9:00 pm, according to KTLA.

The Los Angeles Police Department reported a deadly collision in Woodland Hills involving a suspected intoxicated driver. The two victims in the second vehicle were pronounced dead at the spot, but the responding firefighters were able to put out the fire.

It was revealed that Andrea Bullo and his son Marco were the victims. Kevin Gonzales, the alleged intoxicated driver, managed to escape from his car with minor injuries.

Gonzales rear-ended Bullo’s car on West Mulholland Drive while traveling east at a high speed, according to the preliminary inquiry.

Then, as a result of the collision, two cars caught fire. Police believe he may have been impaired when the collision occurred.

Gonzales is reportedly being held on two murder charges.

Gonzales rear-ended the Bullos while driving swiftly east on Mulholland Drive, sending both vehicles careening through the intersection and catching fire, according to an LAPD spokesman.

What was shared by the witness?

Witness Darryl Mattewakang said that he and his pals were leaving a basketball game when they heard a “huge explosion” in the distance.

We were unaware of what it was until we came close and noticed two cars involved in a collision in the intersection, the man claimed.

According to the video, Bullo’s automobile was entirely engulfed in flames when they arrived. The observer dialed 911. The situation is sad to behold, Mattewakang remarked. “Prayers for the departed.”

Another witness said she will seek counseling since the experience was so horrifying and refuses to talk about it.

According to his website, Bullo was born and raised in Venice, Italy, where he has experience in high-end dining and hospitality. He traveled to the United States to start his own business. The Travel Channel once referred to Moonsahdows as the “sexiest beach restaurant and bar in the world,” according to the restaurant’s website.

Celebrities started frequenting there right away; Dennis Hopper, Charlize Theron, and Kim Kardashian have all been spotted there.

Mel Gibson was on his way home from the seaside pub when he was detained for a DUI in 2006.

Gonzales was detained

Gonzales was taken into custody the following morning at around 7 a.m. after being charged with two counts of murder. His $4 million bail keeps him in custody.

He is shown on video being given a field sobriety test by a police officer on the side of the road. He is shown wearing socks, his slides are close by, shorts, a long-sleeved shirt, and something are visible on his left forearm. Also, he is eventually placed in the ambulance’s back.

Police stated that additional charges may be filed and that the results of their DUI investigation were not yet available.

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