Who is Jesus Salgado? Why he kidnapped and killed California family? Covered


Who is Jesus Salgado? Why he kidnapped and killed California family? Covered


(AP) SAN FRANCISCO — The sheriff of Merced County reported that a baby girl, her parents, and her uncle were found dead on Wednesday after being taken at gunpoint from their central California company two days prior. Let’s see Who is Jesus Salgado and Why he kidnapped and killed a California family in detail


What happened to a California family?

Vern Warnke, the sheriff, told reporters Wednesday night that “our worst concerns have been validated.”

The victims were discovered together at about 5:30 p.m. in an orchard in “very” rural and distant Merced County, according to the farmer.


Authorities published surveillance video showing a man abducting 8-month-old Aroohi Dheri, her mother Jasleen Kaur, her father Jasdeep Singh, and her uncle Amandeep Singh, 39, on Monday. This led to the announcement.

Authorities said that a convicted robber who attempted suicide one day after the kidnappings were responsible for their disappearance.


What did Warnke express about this incident?

The senselessness of this incident and my current level of rage cannot be expressed, according to Warnke

There is a specific place in hell for this individual, as I stated earlier.

According to Warnke, investigators would spend the entire night processing the crime scene, including technicians from the California Department of Justice’s crime lab.

Other information was withheld by him at first.

According to the sheriff, investigators were looking for a reason for the killings.

“We’ve lost a whole family, and for what? We are still unsure,” he remarked.

According to the sheriff, family members were informed of the deaths.

It’s not the closure we were hoping for, and it’s not the closure they were expecting, Warnke continued, but at least they can now have some sort of closure.

The family members were abducted from their place of work in Merced, California, an agricultural hub of California with a population of 86,000 located 125 miles (200 kilometers) southeast of San Francisco.

Who is Jesus Salgado?

Jesus Salgado, 48, confirmed to his relatives that he was engaged in the kidnapping, according to Warnke, who spoke to KFSN-TV on Tuesday.

Salgado attempted suicide before police arrived at a neighboring Atwater home, and he has subsequently been admitted to the hospital.

Warnke claimed Salgado had spoken to the detectives, but he gave no further information.

Salgado had previously been found guilty in Merced County of attempted false imprisonment, first-degree robbery with the use of a pistol, and an attempt to deter or discourage a victim or witness.

According to the California Department of Corrections and Rehabilitation, he was given a term of 11 years in state prison in that case.

In 2015, he was let out of prison, and three years later, he was released from parole.
He was also found guilty of possessing a controlled substance, according to the prison department.

On Wednesday, attempts to contact Salgado’s relatives were useless.

CCTV footage reveals the whole incident

In the earlier Wednesday footage that was made public, the suspect initially passes by the property before approaching one of the males.

It then depicts him guiding the men, whose wrists were tied with zip ties behind their backs, into the pickup truck’s back seat.

The suspect then drove away after leading Jasdeep Singh, who was holding her infant in her arms, out of the trailer that served as the business office and into the vehicle.

Nothing was taken from the trucking company, according to the family, although all of their relatives were wearing jewelry.

An ATM card belonging to one of the victims was used after the kidnappings in At water, which is located approximately 9 miles (14 kilometers) north of Merced, according to Warnke.

Warnke claimed that the abductor did not seek a ransom.

Victims’ family members had already requested that everyone in the neighborhood who runs a convenience shop or petrol station check their security cameras for footage of the suspect or the family.

Because the family didn’t have any baby food with them at the time of the kidnapping, they claimed they were concerned the infant wasn’t being fed.

The Brother of the victim Sukhdeep Singh pleaded for people to come out and assist them, saying, “Please help us out, come forward, so my family comes home safe.”


Victim’s Relatives express their emotions

According to family relatives, the family’s company, Unison Trucking Inc., had only recently opened its office.

“My hubby is a very tranquil and composed individual.

Jaspreet Kaur, the uncle who was abducted, claimed, “We have no idea why they kidnapped them.

What did the Police officers and Detectives express?

There is no connection between Salgado and the family that would indicate that they were acquainted before the kidnapping.

Right now, according to deputy Alexandra Britton, “we think it was random.”

“We don’t have any proof to the contrary,”

Detectives, according to the sheriff, think the kidnapper destroyed unnamed evidence to hide his tracks.

According to the sheriff’s office, Amandeep Singh’s truck caught fire on Monday.

Officers from the Merced Police Department proceeded to Amandeep Singh’s house, where a relative was attempting to contact him and the couple.

They called the Merced County Sheriff’s office to report their family members missing when they were unable to reach them, according to the office.

According to Merced County Undersheriff Corey Gibson, a farmer in Dos Palos, a town located 48 kilometers (30 miles) southwest of Merced, discovered a victim’s phone on a street and answered it when the family called.

Investigative work in this area is ongoing. When we receive official information, we’ll update this page. For additional updates, visit this page


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