Tornado warning in Victoria: What to know? & What are the danger zones?

Tornado warning Victoria

Tornado warning Victoria: Victorian are in a “triple threat” weather phenomenon with a possible Tornado expected to hit the states North West. Let’s see what to know about the Tornado warning and the danger zones in detail.



Most of the eastern side of New South Wales and Victoria is expected to take the worst part of the wild weather.But the Bureau of Metrology has warned that Mildura ,Swam Hill and other parts of the Mallee could be damaged by several storms.

Meterologists said

In Victoria, Echuca, Bendigo, Daylesford, Ballarat, Hamilton, Miltura and Swam Hill could all be affected in Victoria.Mildura experienced calm and mostly clear condition early on Thursday afternoon.

Bureau warned that storm might develop later in the day and overnight,with the greatest possibility of precipitation occurring between 2am and 11am on Friday.

As well as the Malloy might experience Tornado’s, Hail ,damaging wind gusts and heavy rain just within over 3 months left in Sydney is on track to break all its time Annual Rainfall record this weekend.

Parts of the Eastern Coast’s ranges are expected to experience falls of upto 50 mm the Murray,Murraumbidgee and Darling rivers are already flooded and a large portion of the rain is anticepated to fall in the already saturated Murray-Darling Catchmentes.



The Victorian Warning Arrangements was announced to provide emergency response agencies with a a Coordinated,Consistent direction to provide information and Warning to inform the Victorian community of a potential or actual emergency event.



In certain region,Damaging winds of more than 90 km/h are predicted, which might destroy trees and powerlines. The storm thread is expected to ease by Friday morning. During these weather events,daily Rainfall totals from 30-50 millimetres are predicted for the entire state.A major weather warning for heavy rain is now in effect for portions of the Mallee and northern country prediction regions.

A flood watch is in effect for Northern and portions of Southern Victoria and the Bureau has issued Minor flood warnings for the Kiewa,Loddon and Snowy River. Major flood is possible in the Northeast from the Friday afternoon.Rainfall totals of more than 50mm have fallen in less than 24 hrs since 9am on Wednesday across the Great Sydney.

Bureau of Metrology ,Meteorologist Jonathan described the wild situation as ” incredible “.

More updates about the Tornado warning in Victoria will be added soon.



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