Who is Donte Raphael McCray? Amazon worker killed pregnant women, Explained

Donte Raphael McCray

An Amazon employee has been charged with manslaughter after police claim he shot a pregnant woman. Let’s see who is Donte Raphael McCray in detail.

Who is Donte Raphael McCray?

Donte Raphael McCray was arrested for killing a pregnant woman outside a company facility in Minnesota.

During a shift change on Sunday night, a worker at an Amazon fulfillment center in the Minneapolis suburb of Lakeville dialed 911 to report gunfire in the parking lot.

When the police came, they discovered Kyla O’Neal, 31, in a car with a gunshot wound. She was 31 years old and pregnant, almost to term. She was taken to the hospital immediately, but sadly passed away.

Donte Raphael McCray, a 32-year-old Amazon warehouse worker, has been charged with second-degree manslaughter in the death of 31-year-old Kyla O’Neal.

What happened?

Donte Raphael McCray, a 32-year-old employee of the Amazon warehouse, was arrested in connection with killing the pregnant woman in a Lakeville parking lot Sunday night.

According to Lakeville police, a pregnant woman was fatally shot while in her car at an Amazon fulfillment center. The incident took place in a parking lot on the 9800 block of 217th Street West just before seven o’clock.

The woman was reportedly carried to the Hennepin County Medical Center where she was later declared deceased, according to police.

Kyla O’Neal, 31, was the victim, according to her family. She was reportedly far along in her pregnancy and was supposed to be induced this week with her fourth kid before she passed away.

“She was so ready to bring him into this world. She had everything packed. His diaper bag was packed and ready for the big day. All his bassinets and car seats and everything was set and ready, his family told the media.

Who was O’Neal?

O’Neal’s family said she was a certified nursing assistant and portrayed her as a family-oriented, intelligent, outspoken mother who cared profoundly about her children.

According to the police, he was spotted with O’Neal, and according to court documents, the suspect and victim shared a small kid.

McCray is being held in custody in Dakota County. He is accused of homicide under a theory of unjustifiable risk-creating negligence.

“When we have a situation where a pregnant female has been critically injured, it just adds another whole layer of stress and emotion to that call because now, we’ve got another human being we’re trying to save as well,” said Police Cmdr. William Gerl.

Doctors were successful in helping O’Neal birth her fourth kid. The infant is still alive, but nothing is known about its health.

“Obviously, we’re all hoping the baby is doing well and is able to survive and thrive, and that will be a miracle and great news if that happens,” Gerl said.

Second-degree manslaughter charges are being brought against McCray. His criminal history reveals that a judge in May issued a ruling prohibiting him from owning any guns due to a prior criminal conviction.

Dakota County’s major city is Lakeville, which is located 20 miles south of the Twin Cities. According to reports, the suspect is apparently cooperating with the investigation and was present at the crime site when police arrived.

McCray is being held without bond “pending charge/investigation,” according to jail documents examined by Law&Crime.

His next court appearance is scheduled for Tuesday. He is not currently listed with an attorney of record.


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