Who is Bradley Rein? Man arrested after SUV drove through Massachusetts Apple store

Authorities revealed Tuesday that a 53-year-old man Bradley Rein has been charged after allegedly ramming an SUV into an Apple shop in Hingham on Monday, causing one fatality and at least 19 injuries. Let’s see Who Bradley Rein is and about the Massachusetts Apple store fatal crash incident in detail.

Fatal Crash Incident

Authorities claim that Bradley Rein crashed a 2019 Toyota 4Runner into the Massachusetts Apple store’s glass exterior at around 10:45 a.m.

The SUV is examined by a law enforcement officer inside the Apple store in Hingham.

Before 10:45 a.m., emergency personnel was sent to the Massachusetts Apple store in response to many 911 requests for assistance, according to Plymouth County District Attorney Tim Cruz.

According to the prosecution, Kevin Bradley, 65, of New Jersey died in the collision. Apple said Bradley was there “supporting recent construction at the shop” in a statement.

Doctors at South Shore Hospital in Weymouth reported multiple victims had a life- and limb-threatening wounds on Monday afternoon. Following the collision, according to first responders, numerous persons were trapped between a wall and the SUV.

Bradley Rein Arrested

According to Tim Cruz, the district attorney for Plymouth County, Bradley Rein has been charged with careless reckless driving.

According to officials, Rein was detained at the Plymouth County House of Correction after being arrested Monday evening. He was to appear in Hingham District Court for his prosecution.

Who is Bradley Rein?

Bradley Rein has been named as the man suspected of ramming an SUV into an Apple shop in Hingham, Massachusetts, where he killed one person and injured 20 others.

According to Plymouth District Attorney Timothy Cruz, 53-year-old Bradley Rein will be charged with reckless homicide by a car and will be presented in Hingham District Court on Tuesday.

Bradley Rein admitted to  having  no  medical  conditions  that  would  prevent  him  from  operating vehicle safely and that he had been giving his car regular maintenance.

According to Vermont State Police, Rein was detained and issued driving under the influence citation in December 2020 following collision in Roxbury, Vermont.

After being detained on December 29, 2020, when he was issued a ticket for DUI, Bradley Rein was photographed by Vermont State Police.

District Attorney statement

DIstrict Attorney office issued a news statement stating, “Upon arrival, first responders found coworkers and other bystanders administering first aid to many people in need of urgent care.”

Responders discovered “people injured out in front of the store and the store, including a few patients who were pushed against the wall by the vehicle,” Hingham Fire Chief Steve Murphy said at a news conference on Monday in the late afternoon.

He reported that 14 ambulances and seven fire engines were there at the Massachusetts Apple store.

After an SUV crashed into an Apple store, emergency personnel provided aid to injured customers.

‘Limb-threatening’ injuries

To keep patients warm during triage, first responder Dr. William Tollefsen of South Shore Hospital in Weymouth recalled using a restaurant next to the Apple store. He claimed that the victims had damaged limbs and head trauma.

Dr. Christopher Burns, the trauma division chief at South Shore, said the facility was treating patients with life- and limb-threatening injuries, some of whom were still awaiting surgery on Monday afternoon.

The SUV is towed away from the accident scene by tow truck.

Names are not revealed

As of Monday evening, South Shore Hospital was attending to 17 crash victims, the district attorney’s office said to CNN in an email. Two further injured persons who had been sent to South Shore were instead taken to Boston-area hospitals.

Officials stated the names of the injured would not be revealed until families had been notified.

Boston’s Brigham and Women’s Hospital reported receiving two patients, and Boston Medical Center informed CNN that it had received three patients for admission.

Whether patients who were transferred to Brigham and Women’s or Boston Medical Center are counted in their totals is unknown.


Tim Cruz, the district attorney for Plymouth County, answered inquiries from reporters on the scene on Monday, calling it “an unthinkable morning.”

“I’m sure that we will find out once we have an opportunity to review all the documents and tapes, wherever it’s necessary to go forward from there and figure out exactly what happened and really what the absolute unthinkable event that occurred at that store when you’re just going there to buy a phone or get something fixed or whatever it may be, it’s absolutely unthinkable. It’s absolutely tragic.”

There are still a lot of unanswered concerns surrounding Monday’s tragedy, and the investigation is still in its early stages.

Witness Statement

According to Witness Emily McKenna, who spoke to WFXT, she heard glass break and saw people rushing to the store’s window.

“They thought it was a smash and grab, and there was just a gaping hole in the middle of the Apple Store,” she said. “I didn’t see the car drive by, but someone said it was going pretty fast, so maybe he just lost control.”

Upon entering the store, the SUV’s speed was not immediately apparent.

(David L. Ryan/Boston Globe via Getty Images)

Apple’s statement

“Our thoughts go out to our team members and customers who were injured and all of those who were affected by this terrible incident,” Apple said in a statement posted on Monday.

The firm released a statement that said, “We are devastated by the shocking events at Apple Derby Street today and the tragic loss of a professional who was onsite supporting recent construction at the store.”

In this extremely trying moment, we are doing everything we can to support our team members and clients.

Shop closed

The Apple website indicates that the Derby Street shop is presently closed.

The website apologized for any trouble caused by this store’s closure.  “Until we can reopen again, please consider using our online services.”

Derby Street Shop People Statements

Frank O’Brien, who was shopping at Derby Street at the time, said to the Patriot Ledger that he wondered how quickly an automobile would have to move to shatter the glass in front of the business.

“You’d have to really be picking up speed to end up in the storage area at the back side of the Apple store,” he said.

The SUV looked to be traveling at a fast pace when it plowed into the business, according to one person who was inside the store at the time of the collision.

“It was like a big explosion,” another witness, who was outside, said. “It was so loud.”

According to a man who talked with NewsCenter 5, his buddy was inside the Massachusetts Apple store when the accident occurred, and she believed the automobile was driving at a speed of around 50 mph when it crashed through the front of the structure.

“That was her guess,” he said.


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