Arson attack: How did Fatoumatta Hydara die? Cause of death Explained

Arson attack: Fatoumatta Hydara cause of death

A mother died two days after her two young daughters were killed in an arson attack. Let’s see about the Arson attack. How did the mother and her children die and Fatoumatta Hydara Cause of death in detail.


How did Fatoumatta Hydara die?

Fatoumatta Hydara, 28, was evacuated to the hospital in critical condition after a fire broke out at her Clifton, Nottingham, flat at around 3.17 a.m. on Sunday.

She was then put on a life support system at the Queen’s Medical Center, but she passed away this morning, according to authorities.

Her two daughters, Fatimah Drammeh, age three, and Naeemah, age one, were brought to the same hospital but died shortly after their arrival. Police have shared heartbreaking footage of the little children happily playing together before the tragedy.


Fatoumatta Hydara cause of death:

A mother named Fatoumatta Hydara and her two small children, ages one and three, were killed in the first-floor fire, which was suspected to have been deliberately ignited. Fatoumatta Hydara cause of death is planned murder.

On Sunday morning, forensic specialists were searching through the debris of the council house in Fairisle Close. The inquiry is being led by Detective Chief Inspector Mark Sinski, who stated: “We are dealing with one of the most horrendous crimes – the death of two small children and their mother.”

‘This is a deeply upsetting tragedy and I can only imagine the family’s pain. They include the woman’s husband and the father of the two children, who was not in the UK at the time of the fire.

“He and other family members are being supported by properly trained police at this terribly difficult time. We ask for the media to give them privacy while they deal with this incredible loss. I’d like to tell them that we’re doing everything we can to get them the justice they deserve. This has been a very painful experience for them.”

A sizable team of detectives has been working long days and nights to look into the circumstances surrounding this unfortunate tragedy in order to accomplish this. A number of experts have also been investigating the area, and they will probably do so for some time. Currently, this is being handled as a triple homicide.


Arson attack: What happened to the three individuals?

A mother who perished in a horrifying house fire two days after her children perished in the same blaze has been remembered. When her home in Clifton, Nottingham, was set on fire early on Sunday morning, Fatoumatta Hydara, 28, suffered significant injuries.

Police today announced the death of the mother of two. Nottinghamshire Police started a triple murder investigation following the fire. The police arrested a 31-year-old man from Clifton on Sunday night and he remains in custody. Police investigated him over 36 hours.

Aboubacarr Drammeh, 40, husband of Fatoumatta Hydara said, “I am simply grieving.” After flying back from the US, Mr. Drammeh arrived at the scene yesterday at noon. He said, I have come straight here from the airport and now I am going to the hospital to see my wife.

Drammeh added, ‘I don’t know what has happened here. This is just so upsetting. I haven’t started to come to terms with what has happened.’


Police investigation:

According to police, high visibility patrols will be stationed in the region for the next few days to reassure locals.

DI Sinski added: ‘The local community has been shocked and deeply saddened by the events of the past two days and I want to thank those living in the area for the patience and understanding while we gather evidence at the scene.

‘I also want to thank those who have already come forward, but I would urge anyone with any information, regardless of how insignificant you think it may be, to contact us. ‘We would specifically like to speak to anyone who was in or around Fairisle Close between between 12am and 4.30am on Sunday morning.’

Friends placed flowers at the location of the fatal fire, which occurred early on Sunday morning, yesterday. Police have asked witnesses for information. They informed neighbours that high-visibility patrols will continue in the area in the coming days.

The family friend said, ‘It is heartbreaking. They are such a lovely family.’ ‘I can’t think of anything worse to happen particularly at this time of year just before Christmas. It really is horrendous, your worst nightmare.’

On Sunday morning, forensic specialists searching through the rubble of the council property in Fairisle Close with sniffing dogs. Through the top broken window and the destroyed apartment below, debris was readily evident. Neighbours in the adjacent flats evacuated and the police sealed off the crime site.


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