Who is Alexander “Alick” Dru? Know more about Lady Tatiana Mountbatten Husband

Who is Alexander "Alick" Dru Know more about Lady Tatiana Mountbatten Husband

In a spectacular wedding held today at Winchester Cathedral, Lady Tatiana Mountbatten wed Alexander “Alick” Dru, her business startup boyfriend. Here are the things that happened and a little more about Alexander “Alick” Dru and Lady Tatiana Mountbatten.


Tatty and “Alick” Dru getting married

The 32-year-old daughter of the late Prince Philip’s first cousin, the Marquess of Milford Haven, was spotted exiting the wedding car as she arrived at the venue.

Lady Tatiana waited to enter the cathedral while hiding her face with a veil in line with tradition.

She selected a full-length, white bridal gown with cap sleeves and an elaborate sash that looked to be embroidered in white.

Pictures from the day show Cressida Bonas, Prince Harry’s ex-girlfriend, walking toward the wedding.

While the pair was on a skiing vacation in the Alps, Alick got down on one knee and proposed, Lady Tatiana disclosed in January.

The romantic mountaintop location for the proposal was chosen by the Old Etonian, who brought the sparkler with him when traveling to Verbier, Switzerland.

When Tatiana announced her engagement on Instagram, Cressida Bonas was one of the people to congratulate the pair, writing: “Beauties.”

The daughter of the Duke and Duchess of Rutland, Violet Manners, who was visiting Verbier at the same time, also sent her best wishes, writing: “Yes, yes, yes, yes! I’m so glad you both looked so good this week. Much love, xxxx.

Sabrina Percy, Hum Fleming, and Flora Ogilvy, three popular women, all expressed their excitement.

The first openly gay member of the Royal Family is Lord Ivar Mountbatten, whose brother George Mountbatten, 60, and his first wife Sarah Georgina Walker has an equestrian named Lady Tatiana. He is currently wed to Clare, who is 61.

Earl of Medina Henry, her younger brother, is 30 years old.


Who is Alexander ‘Alick’ Dru?

Alick is from a different social class than his future wife, yet his family tree is nonetheless populated with the landed gentry.

The 30-year-old’s name is Alexander Bernard Molyneux Dru. His parents, Auberon Alexander Bernard Dru and Catherine Margaret Norden, wed in Somerset in 1989.

His father, Bernard, is a son of Major Alexander Dru and Gabriel Mary Hermione Herbert and a descendant of both Henry Howard Molyneux Herbert, 4th Earl of Carnarvon, and John Vesey, 4th Viscount de Vesci.

Bernard currently co-owns Bernard Dru Oak Ltd with his wife, which manufactures and distributes premium oak flooring that is “sustainably sourced” from Haddeo Valley woods. They are residents of Timberscome, Somerset’s Bickham Manor.

Before finding Tripr, a social travel app for “travelers [who] would wish to meet other travelers, as well as their friends,” Alick was educated at Eton and studied history at Oxford.

Alick created Spires Tutoring after working on Tripr, then left the start-up sector to join the M&A team at management consulting firm Strategy&.

A two-year tenure as an investor at SoftBank Investment Advisers followed this.

Alick is currently back in the startup business.

He established a so-called stealth startup in July 2021, which is a business that works secretly, i.e., without drawing notice from the public. This might be done as part of a marketing plan to manipulate the public’s view or to conceal facts from competitors.


Tatiana Early Life

Tatiana, who studied under Olympian Charlotte Dujardin, attended the prestigious Millfield Private School in Street, Somerset, which costs £12,000 a year.

Horse-mad Formerly interested in becoming a ski instructor, Lady Tatiana now works with dressage horses.

Father, a polo player George, who is believed to reside in Switzerland, earned his wealth by starting and selling the price-comparison business uSwitch.

Tatty has made Windsor her home after periods in Germany and Denmark, where she manages a very upscale horse yard.

All you really need to know, according to her personal website, is that she spends her days riding horses, which is what she loves doing more than anything else.

I am a Windsor-based professional dressage rider. Here, I train a few of my own horses as well as several amazing people who have trusted me with the growth and career of their horses placed in my care.

I provide monthly dressage clinics at my West Sussex home, namely at the Great Trippetts Polo Club.

Tatiana is also training to be a psychotherapist.



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