Who is Aiden McCarthy? Know more about the kid who lost parents in Highland Park shooting


Who is Aiden McCarthy? Know more about the kid who lost parents in Highland Park shooting

Kevin and Irina McCarthy, Aiden McCarthy’s parents, were killed in the Highland Park Shooting that also left five other people dead and more than two dozen injured. Let’s see who is Aiden McCarthy? and how he lost his parents.

Who is Aiden McCarthy?

Aiden McCarthy was born in the United States( 2022). Though his exact date of birth is unknown. Aiden will be two years old in 2022. On July 4, 2022, the day of the United States’ Independence, Aiden McCarthy lost both of his parents in a shooting spree.

Aiden McCarthy’s parents are Irina McCarthy and Kevin McCarthy, respectively. Both his mother and father were older than 37 years old.
Two-year-old Aiden McCarthy lost both of his parents at the Independence Day Parade in Highland Park, California, in 2022. During the chaos, Aiden McCarthy lost touch with his parents.

Aiden McCarthy survived the tragedy at a July Fourth parade on Monday because of his father’s last brave act. Kevin and Irina McCarthy, Aiden’s parents, had brought their little son into town for a traditional Fourth of July parade on Monday.

They were both hit by Gunfire. During the mass shooting, Aiden McCarthy’s parents were died. He also got injured and left bleeding alone in the street after a mass shooting in Highland Park.

How Aiden McCarthy lost his parents?

Greg and Dana Ring are the individuals who founded Aiden McCarthy. The lady who spotted Aiden had lost both of his parents in the fatal Highland Park parade shooting gave details of how she came to help the now orphaned child.

A woman narrated the scenes of gunfire at the Highland Park shooting. After Aiden’s parents were killed in the Highland Park massacre, a woman remembers spotting the toddler underneath the father.

According to Lauren Silva, she heard the gunshots on Monday morning while out to breakfast with her boyfriend and his teenage kid. The incident, according to her, occurred while they were returning to the parking garage to retrieve a wallet.

When the victims were lying on the ground, she noticed them. Silva recalled that they returned up the stairs to see the bodies after the gunfire stopped. “On the ground in Highland Park Square, we counted five or more dead. The area was empty.

Like the end of the world, it was. Silence and darkness prevailed.” The musician kept playing while a police officer rode his bike slowly down the street, Silva said, describing an unnerving scene. She reported seeing the young boy’s parents face down in the circle where the victims had fallen, but everyone had already escaped.

She remembered how her husband had to be lifted out from under Aiden. When she emerged from the stairwell landing, her boyfriend was holding Aiden in his arms.

He had just pulled Aiden out from under his wounded father, who had collapsed on him. Despite the fact that they couldn’t save Irina, Silva’s boyfriend sought to stop Kevin’s bleeding right away. Because of where she was shot, she claimed Irina was unrecognizable.

The young boy’s neighbors posted his photo on social media and asked for assistance in locating him.

According to a genuine GoFundMe page created for him, “the North Shore community came together to aid a youngster who we knew nothing about.”

“Under horrible circumstances, we rescued him, banded together to find his grandparents, and prayed for the safety of his family.”

Aiden was then turned over to the Ring family, who rescued the young child and took him to safety, at that point. But soon after, they received heartbreaking news: Both his parents had died in the shooting. Aiden McCarthy was orphaned at 2 years old.


Bill Ackman

Bill Ackman, American hedge fund manager and billionaire investor, donated $18,000 to Aiden McCarthy whose parents were killed in the Highland Park incident.

According to the page, a fundraiser established McCarthy’s GoFundMe page on Tuesday with the family’s consent. Its goal was to raise $500,000, but it has already received more than $2.8 million in donations from more than 52,000 people.

The fundraiser held under the name “William Ackman” had Ackman as its largest donor.
Insider received confirmation of the donation from an Ackman official, who made no more comments.

Ackman founded and still serves as the CEO of the hedge fund Pershing Square Capital Management.
Forbes estimates that he has a net worth of $2.8 billion.


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