Why did UK Prime Minister Boris Johnson resign his job? Overview

UK Prime Minister resign his job

According to the report, British Prime Minister Boris Johnson resigned on Thursday after being abandoned by ministries and the majority of Conservative lawmakers. Let’s see why UK Prime Minister resign from his job.

Why UK Prime Minister resign his job?

Following his rejection by ministers and the majority of his Conservative parliamentarians, British Prime Minister Boris Johnson announced his resignation on Thursday.

The PM indicated in his speech that the selection process for a new PM will be revealed next week. “Now is the time to start the process of selecting that new leader. And as I will do until a new leader is in place, I have chosen a cabinet today “Johnson remarked.

As Prime Minister of Great Britain, he served for only three years. He was weakened by scandals and resisted resignation for months, but on Thursday his colleagues forced him to.

An lonely and helpless Johnson announced his resignation from Downing Street after more than 50 ministers resigned and parliamentarians demanded that he step down.

Is Johnson having issues in his job?

The scandal-plagued Johnson had been fighting for his job for days when the latest in a string of scandals caused all but a small group of his loyalists to turn against him.

The Conservative Party’s deputy chairman, Justin Tomlinson, wrote on Twitter that “his resignation was inevitable.” “We must rapidly come together as a party and concentrate on what is important. There are numerous important issues at hand right now.”

How to Choose the new leader?

It will now be up to the Conservatives to choose a new leader, a procedure that might take weeks or months.

According to a recent YouGov poll, Rishi Sunak, the former finance minister, junior trade minister Penny Mordaunt, and defence minister Ben Wallace were the top three candidates for Johnson’s replacement among Conservative Party members.

Why did Johnson lose his party support?

Many argued that because he had lost the support of his party, he ought to go right now and turn things over to Dominic Raab, his deputy.

If the Conservatives do not immediately fire Johnson, Labour Party leader Keir Starmer threatened to seek a vote of confidence in parliament.

We can’t continue with this prime minister hanging on for months and months to come, he continued, so Labour will step up in the national interest and introduce a vote of no confidence.

Is Britons a financial strain

In the wake of the COVID-19 epidemic, with surging prices and the economy projected to be the poorest among major nations outside of Russia in 2023, Britons are under the tightest financial strain in decades.

It also comes after years of internal strife caused by the close 2016 vote to leave the European Union, as well as challenges to the structure of the United Kingdom itself from calls for a second referendum on Scottish independence in ten years.

Support for Johnson had completely dissipated during the course of one of the most dramatic 24 hours in recent British political history, which was summed up by Finance Minister Nadhim Zahawi, who barely took office on Tuesday and immediately demanded the resignation of his employer.

Why Cabinet went to downing street

Zahawi and several cabinet members went to Downing Street on Wednesday night to inform Johnson that the game was over. They were joined by a senior member of the lawmakers who are not in the government.

At first, Johnson resisted leaving and appeared determined to stick around. In an effort to reassert his authority, he fired Michael Gove, a member of his senior ministerial team who was one of the first to advise him he needed to go.

Is the party required to remove johnson

One ally had warned the Sun tabloid that Johnson’s removal would require party rebels to “dip their hands in blood.”

But by Thursday morning, when a flood of resignations started to come in, it was obvious that his position was hopeless.

Zahawi wrote on Twitter, “This is not sustainable and it will only grow worse: for you, the Conservative Party, and most crucially of all the country.” “You must depart immediately and act morally.”

Defense Minister Ben Wallace and other people who stayed in their positions claimed that they were only doing so because it was their duty to protect the nation.

The administration has been in a state of stagnation due to the large number of resignations of ministers. Johnson started selecting ministers to open positions despite his approaching departure.

Michael Ellis, a minister in the Cabinet Office division that supervises the operation of government, told parliament that “it is our responsibility today to make sure the people of this country have a working government.”

Popular to abandoned

When the vivacious Johnson assumed office over three years ago, he campaigned on a platform of delivering Brexit and rescuing it from the acrimonious squabbling that followed the 2016 referendum.

Since then, some Conservatives have warmly supported the former journalist and mayor of London, while others have supported him despite their qualms because he was able to win over voters who typically rejected their party.

The election in December 2019 confirmed that. But a number of his MPs lost patience with him due to his administration’s aggressive and frequently chaotic style of governance, and surveys indicate that the general public no longer finds him to be likeable.

What MP Chris Pincher said

The current situation started when MP Chris Pincher, who previously served in a pastoral care capacity for the government, was forced to resign due to claims that he had lewdly touched males in a members-only club.

When it was out that Johnson had been informed before appointing Pincher that he had previously faced sexual misconduct allegations, he was forced to issue an apology. According to the prime minister, he had forgotten.

This came after several scandals and gaffes over the preceding months, including a devastating report into drunken gatherings at his Downing Street apartment and office that violated COVID-19 lockdown regulations and led to a police fine for a celebration of his 56th birthday.

What brings Britons to Struggle

As many Britons struggle to cope with rising fuel and food prices, there have also been policy U-turns, a misguided defence of a politician who violated lobbying laws, and allegations that he has not done enough to combat inflation.

Labour’s Starmer stated that it should have happened a long time ago. “He was never a candidate for office. On a massive scale, he has been accountable for deceit, scandal, and fraud.”


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