What went wrong? Taylor shift shared her awkward experience of Les Misérables Audition


What went wrong? Taylor shift shared her awkward experience of Les Misérables Audition


Taylor Swift discusses the uncomfortable “Les Misérables” audition she had with Eddie Redmayne. Let’s see about Taylor shift shared her awkward experience of Les Misérables audition

What did Taylor Swift share about her audition experience?

Taylor Swift and Eddie Redmayne convey the story of when they were both auditioning for Les Misérables. The “Blank Space” singer expresses the incident was a nightmare dressed like a 19th-century street urchin.

According to pop star Taylor Swift, her audition for the musical “Les Misérables” with Eddie Redmayne was awful. The White Horse singer claimed during an appearance on The Graham Norton Show on Friday that speaking with Redmayne was a nightmare because she was supposed to have brown teeth.

Last night, Taylor Swift appeared on the program to promote her most recent album, “Midnight.” Eddie Redmayne, who made an appearance to promote “The Good Nurse,” his most recent film, was with her.

Swift described how they first met and how they decided she should try out for the role of street urchin Éponine in Les Misérables, which required having her teeth stained brown.

It turned into a nightmare for her when the filmmakers told her that she would have to meet Redmayne wearing her costume, complete with brown teeth.

Because she didn’t want to disclose her “pearly browns” in front of one of her favorite actors, Swift claimed she kept whispering throughout the audition.

Redmayne, though, appeared for the audition in a tracksuit. The well-known actor claimed that he had just eaten pizza and garlic bread balls before seeing her and didn’t want to inhale any garlic dust from her.

Tom Hooper, who directed Les Misérables, said that Swift didn’t come across as someone that society would disregard. He did cast the pop sensation in Cats (2019), a film adaptation of Andrew Lloyd Webber’s Broadway musical, but it didn’t do well financially.

Watch the full Graham Norton Show segment below:


Eddie Redmayne shares his experience:

He says that the screen test was Equally Awkward for Him: “I Had Garlic Breath”

Swift tried to disguise her new street urchin smile when they first saw Redmayne by barely opening her mouth, but the actor claims he too felt insecure during the London screen test. “I distinctly remember eating some garlic bread balls at Pizza Express the night before.

Taylor was completely attired as Éponine, whereas I was only wearing a tracksuit, which made it quite bizarre “recalled Redmayne, who made an appearance on The Graham Norton Show with his potential Les Mis co-star.

And as if that weren’t enough, the two had to close the distance quickly. Redmayne adds he didn’t want to “punish” his scene partner with his unpleasant breath while acting out an emotional piece where Éponine passes away in Marius’ arms.

“I had assumed that we would just sing off each other. They got us on the floor and started singing love songs, but all I could think of was how bad my breath smelled like garlic “said he. I tried not to punish you while also trying to display emotion. Swift said, “It’s good to know we were both battling at that point.

How do people react to Taylor Swift and Eddie Redmayne’s experience?

Adam said,

Omg, I love this. This is the part of Taylor I love seeing most. She is so funny and kind and I always imagine this is her vibe when people meet her out and about. Also brown teeth and garlic breath 😂 you can’t make these things up 😂

Aslam said,

Taylor and Eddie be giving us free positive energy. Them sitting next to each other is something I’ve always dreamt of.

Hana said,

What a great talk show host, doesn’t interrupt and just lets the guest carry HOW IT SHOULD BE

Loanna said,

I’m a swiftie since my early teen years and I’m a fan of Eddie since that time, as well. Now it’s the last year that I’m studying theater and cinema. Taylor’s music was my way out of my clinical depression, my company and warmth during all those years (a decade) and Eddie’s performance is the reason I returned home one day and I said loud and clear to my parents: “I’ll study cinema and I don’t care what you want me to study”. Love this synthesis on the couch. I especially love Taylor and Eddie sitting next to each other. It warms my heart.

Sophia said,

Taylor Swift and Eddie Redmayne share the same chaotic vibes. It seems like there isn’t a day that they wouldn’t throw any punchlines at each other. They’re just entertaining, really.



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