What kind of cancer does actress Kate Keltie diagnosed with? Explained


Neighbors actor Kate Keltie aka Michelle Scully diagnosed with cancer at 36. Let’s see what type of cancer does actress Kate Keltie diagnosed with in detail.

What kind of cancer does actress Kate Keltie diagnosed with?

Star of Neighbours, Kate Keltie has been diagnosed with stage 4 breast cancer.

The 36-year-old performer, who starred as Michelle Scully in the Australian serial opera from 1999 to 2003, has started chemotherapy to treat cancer that has progressed to her lymph nodes, blood, and hip bones.

In 2000, Kate Keltie and Ryan Maloney, who also starred in Neighbours, attended the 
Australian Logie Awards. 
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Kate Keltie’s oncologist advised against her keeping her employment at this period due to the severity of the chemotherapy she had to get.

She’ll lose her lovely hair and be unable to have children in the future.

This is terrible news for anyone, much less a 36-year-old woman without a history of breast cancer.

Who was Kate Keltie?

Former Australian actress ,Kate Keltie is best known for playing Michelle Scully in the Australian television serial opera Neighbours.

Melbourne is the place of Keltie’s birth. She trained in voice, dance, and acting, and she appeared in some television ads.

Her first Appearance on TV

The first of her three guest roles in the police drama Blue Heelers occurred when she was eight years old.

Along with such projects, she also starred in ten episodes of an ABC English-language program, Full Frontal, and Halifax f.p.

Kate Keltie portrayed the younger sister of Holly Vallance’s character:Michelle.

Source: BBC

Additionally, Kate Keltie made appearances in ten episodes of an ABC English-language program, Full Frontal, Halifax f.p., and Full Frontal.

In the children’s sci-fi drama Thunderstone from 1999 to 2000, she played as Becky Daniels.

Kate Keltie’s Soap series

In 1999, Kate Keltie joined the cast of the Neighbours soap series as Michelle Scully.

Between 1999 and 2003, Kate Keltie played Michelle Scully in Neighbours. (PA)

Kate Keltie, who was 13 at the time, finished her education with the help of a set tutor. The Showbiz and Entertainment Expo, which was hosted at the Melbourne Exhibition Centre in 2002, was planned and organized by Keltie.

In 2003, Kate Keltie left the Neighbours series to go back to school and take on other tasks. In 2004, she briefly returned to the serial.

The Scully family (L-R): Kate Keltie, Janet Andrewartha, Shane Connor, Holly Valance and

Carla Bonner.

She said that she did not anticipate returning to Neighbours when she left in 2003, but she loved  the character’s homecoming plotline. In the same year, Kate Keltie  played  Bec  Cleary  in  Blue  Heelers.

Later, Kate Keltie  worked  in  legal  assistance  for  law  company  before  switching  to  the  recruitment-support  sector. She joined people2people in July 2017.


Ebony Gilbert, close friend of Kate’s, has set up GoFundMe page to assist her financially. 

They were successful in raising nearly £20,000. 

It read:

“Our beautiful Kate is going through the unimaginable.

“She was recently diagnosed with Stage 4 Breast Cancer. Her cancer is extremely aggressive and it has spread to other parts of her body, including her lymph nodes, blood and hip bones (known as metastatic cancer).

“This week the fight of her life begins as she starts chemotherapy.”

Kate Keltie was  identified  as  having  Stage cancer  in  the  fundraising  website’s  statement.  Additionally, it said that she would begin chemotherapy this coming week.

She will use the funds to cover her rent, specialized medical  appointments , and  the  cost  of  wigs and skin care products.

“Our independent Kate would never ask for help, let alone financial assistance. However, we know it’s what she will need, so here we are.

“Being unable to work and earn an income during this time has been a tough blow.

“By chipping in together, we can cover some living costs and try to remove financial stress off Kate’s plate (cancer is enough, thanks world!)”

Kate Keltie’s friend also said that while Kate Keltie  would  never  ask  for  financial  assistance,  she  might require support soon.

Kate Keltie’s Thank You Note

After a Go Fund Me campaign started by friends generated almost $31.5k (£71.4k) to support her during her treatment while she is unable to work, Kate Keltie thanked her followers.

Kate Keltie wrote heartfelt letter to her fans:

Hi everyone. I am so sorry I haven’t had a chance to thank you all personally yet- stay with me, I’ll get there!

“I just wanted to say thank you, thank you, thank you for all of your support, and messages and phone calls.

“It’s so amazing to know I have so many incredible people in my corner.

“I’ve just got over COVID and I start my first round of chemotherapy tomorrow, and you really have no idea how my head space has changed going into it because of each and every one of you.”

“Thank you, from the bottom of my heart.

Kate x.”

People Support

People have been commenting and pouring their support and prayers for Kate Keltie’s speedy recovery.

Brontty Ying Alexander commented,

“omg very sad news sending love to the family all the best my dad have blood cancer he is doing very well because im always looking after him everyday.”

Andrew miles commented,

“My Mother died from breast cancer in 1963. I trust and pray that things are much better now 🙏”

Norma Thornber commented,

“Absolutely terrible, i hope n pray she pulls through it all, keep fighting girl xx”

Linda Hughes commented,

“Praying 🙏🏾🌹my prayers are with you all today she a beautiful girl and so young so heartbreaking 💔”

Scott ripps tweeted,

@p2pkate  hi Kate, very sorry about your diagnosis, I do hope you beat it, and get well soon! Please accept my best wishes for a speedy recovery.”

We also wish and pray for Kate Keltie’s speedy recovery.


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