Who was Velma Anita Ochieng? KCSE candidate cause of death explained

Velma Anita Ochieng

Velma Anita Ochieng, KCSE candidate died on Monday at the age of 19. Let’s see how did the KCSE candidate die and Velma Anita Ochieng cause of death in detail.

Who was Velma Anita Ochieng?

Velma Anita Ochieng was a 19-year-old KCSE student from the Rangwe sub-county in Kenya. She passed away at the Homa Bay County Teaching and Referral Hospital after giving birth.

Velma Anita Ochieng died on Monday morning as a result of hospital staff carelessness, according to her relatives. Ayaga, Velma’s aunt charged hospital staff members with negligence for failing to attend to the student when she was in pain.

Peter Ogolla, the hospital’s chief executive, disagreed, stating that the deceased had a successful operation and delivered a child.

Velma Anita Ochieng cause of death:

Velma, 19, was enrolled in Kochia, Rangwe’s Nyajanja Mixed Secondary School, and was scheduled to take a test this week. She was admitted to the hospital around 5 p.m. on Saturday after exhibiting signs of labor. She was a first-time mother.

According to her family, if doctors were dedicated to their tasks, she should have given birth successfully. They hoped the deceased would be transported to the operating room for a Cesarean section because her pelvic bone had not matured sufficiently to allow her to deliver naturally.

However, a medical report stated that the student was expected to give birth on December 7. The student was in a great deal of discomfort when she was brought to the maternity unit, according to her aunt Selah Ayaga.

“The girl was in excruciating pain, but the security guard refused to let us in. Some medics assumed us despite the pain and situation we were undergoing,” Ayaga said.

Attempts by Velma’s family to get doctors to take her to the operating theatre were purportedly rejected by doctors. She was later sent to the operating room after her health deteriorated, but she passed away there. She passed away after her vital organs stopped functioning.

Velma Anita Ochieng cause of death will be confirmed only after the postmortem report.

What happened to Velma?

Ayaga charged hospital staff members with negligence for failing to attend to the student when she was in pain.

The hostipal’s chief, Ogolla stated that while they are awaiting the results of a postmortem, the hospital is unable to determine what caused the student’s death. A doctor examined the student and discovered that she was in the early stages of labour.

Her cervix dilation was confirmed to be 2 cm instead of 10 cm size which is normal for delivery. Her dilation stalled out at 5 cm. Velma was put in bed with health workers monitoring her after every four hours, he said.

The operation was successful, and the patient and her infant were transferred back to the ward, according to a report written by the doctor who treated her. However, Velma later reported that she was experiencing lower abdominal pain before being given painkillers to ease the discomfort.

She had low blood pressure, which the doctors also discovered. “Medics unsuccessfully attempted to lower her blood pressure. She passed away after her vital organs stopped functioning”, according to Ogolla.

Velma’s body was brought to the hospital mortuary.


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