What happened to singer Sam Kim’s father? Kim Han Soo Roberry incident and cause of death explained


What happened to singer Sam Kim's father? Kim Han Soo Roberry incident and cause of death explained

In a retail robbery event in Washington, singer Sam Smith’s father was killed. Sam Smith, a well-known Korean singer, lost his father tragically after being shot at during a robbery attempt in South Seattle. Learn more about what happened to Sam Kim’s father, how he get shot, and Kim Han Soo cause of death in detail.


What happened to Sam Kim’s father?

According to local press reports, Kim’s father was killed by a robber who broke into the restaurant that he was running in Seattle.

The guy who was shot during a robbery at a restaurant in South Seattle, Washington, USA, in the late hours of January 13 is now being identified as singer Sam Kim’s father.

When the man, who has since been named as Sam Kim’s father Kim Han Soo, 58, was being shot at during the armed robbery at Rainier Teriyaki at around 8:30 p.m., the robbers fired their weapons.


Kim Han Soo cause of death

The singer’s agent was contacted after the story broke on January 26 and provided a confirmation. “We have confirmed that the news reported earlier today concerning the death of Sam Kim’s father is real,” Antenna Music, which houses Sam Kim, said.

We would appreciate it if you could send Sam Kim, who recently lost his father, your condolences so that he can feel your sympathy and say a prayer for the departed. Peace be upon him.

Sam Kim’s father is known to have died as a result of a gunshot wound to the chest, however, there were other alleged casualties. He died from his injuries at the hospital after being transported there.

According to reports, the singer attended Sam Kim’s father’s funeral on January 24 in his hometown, together with his family. The words to his song “Don’t Worry,” which he allegedly rewrote to dedicate to his father instead of his mother, were also purportedly changed.

200 individuals, including the head of the Seattle Korean Association and the general consulate of the Republic of Korea in Seattle, reportedly attended the funeral.

About Sam Kim

Sam Kim, is an American singer-songwriter, producer, and guitarist residing in South Korea. He was signed by Antenna Music after placing second in the talent competition K-pop Star 3.

He made his formal debut on April 10, 2016, with the EP I Am Sam, then on November 22, 2018, he released the studio album Sun and Moon.

Sam Kim was raised in Washington’s Federal Way, where he attended Todd Beamer High School after being born in the country. His sister Sujin and younger brother Jooyoung are also alive.

Kim relocated to South Korea at the age of 15 to take part in the third season of the talent competition K-pop Star after successfully clearing preliminary auditions in Los Angeles.  He was signed by You Hee-yeol, CEO of Antenna Music, a judge in the competition, after coming in second place.

On March 28, 2016, Kim published the first chapter of his debut EP, My Name Is Sam. Three songs were included, including “Mama Don’t Worry,” the lead single from the album. I Am Sam, his full-length EP, was released on April 10. The album’s lead song, “No (No Sense),” featured Crush. On the same day, he made his debut at the K-pop Star 5 grand finale.

Before Kim’s upcoming studio album, Sun and Moon was released, the music video for the single “Makeup” was made public on October 23, 2018. It was Crush’s second lead appearance on a Kim lead single.

On November 22, 2018, the whole album as well as the Zico-featuring music video for the second single, “It’s You,” were both made available.



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