Sharon Shenker, A Beloved Friend, Leader and Teacher died of cancer


 Sharon Shenker, A Beloved Friend, Leader and Teacher died of cancer

Sharon Shenker, a Momentum Community Leader from L.A. and mother of young children passed away after a long battle with cancer. Let’s see what happened to her and People’s heartfelt tributes to her in this article.

What happened to Sharon Shenker?

Lori Palatnik Founding Director of Momentum confirmed the demise news of Sharon Shenker and the statement reads the following,

With deep sadness and shock, I share the news that our beloved friend, teacher, young Mom, and outstanding L.A. Momentum Community Leader, Sharon Shenker Lmft left this world today, leaving behind countless broken hearts.

Her body battled Cancer, but her neshama soared even higher, lifted by all the good she did in this world and on the wings of the countless around-the-clock prayers that were said in her merit.

Not one prayer was wasted. May her family, community, and all of Klal Yisrael be comforted, knowing she lived every day of her life with power, zest, and love. Baruch Dayan HaEmet. 


Shenker Family Fund


Our community was struck today with the tragic news that Mrs. Sharon Shenker passed away after a very difficult illness. Mrs. Shenker was an amazing mother and wife to her beautiful 5 children and husband, Rabbi Motti Shenker.

We as a community need to make sure that this family, who is suffering so greatly, has the financial resources they need. As we all know, it is very difficult for most families in our economic climate to support five children without a dual income. The Shenkers will need assistance with many basic needs including tuition, rent, therapy, camp, and upcoming simchas God willing if they are to continue to function well. We want to enable Rabbi Shenker to focus on being there for his children and not worry about this loss of a 2nd income.

Mrs. Shenker gave selflessly of herself to the community for so many years as a teacher of Torah, a beloved outreach professional, and a compassionate therapist. The number of people whose lives have been transformed by her is staggering. Her passing leaves a tremendous hole in our hearts and our community.

This is our opportunity to give back. Please contribute generously to help the Shenker family and share this campaign with your family and friends.

Thank you very much for your support.

  • Rabbi Aryen Adler Rabbi Gershon Bess
  • Rabbi Asher Brander
  • Rabbi Yoel Bursztyn
  • Rabbi Berish Goldenberg
  • Rabbi Shlomo Gottesman
  • Rabbi Boruch Gradon
  • Rabbi Daniel Grama
  • Rabbi Avraham Yechiel Hirschman
  • Rabbi Yakov Krause
  • Rabbi Aryeh Markman
  • Rabbi Sholom Tendler
  • Rabbi Dovid Revah
  • Rabbi Mordechai Lebhar

If you would like to donate through a DAF (Donor Advised Fund) or by check please make payable to Westside Kollel, dba LINK and

  • mail to:
  • LINK Kollel
  • 8666 W. Pico Blvd
  • Los Angeles, CA 90035
  • Tax ID is 42-1548771

Please make sure it says on the memo: Shenker fund Pls. note that the money is being overseen by Rabbonim and will be used ONLY for the Shenker mishpacha. No money is going towards any organization other than standard credit cards and some advertising fees.

Who was Sharon Shenker?

For many years, Mrs. Shenker served the neighborhood as a valued Torah teacher, a volunteer outreach specialist, and a kind therapist. It is astounding how many individuals she has changed for the better. Her departure leaves a huge void in both our hearts and our neighborhood.

As soon as the heartbreaking news of Sharon’s passing circulated online, people who loved her paid tribute to her and expressed their memories and condolences. Social media was flooded with tributes to Sharon. Some of the heartfelt comments are listed below:

She built a beautiful family, inspired so many people, and accomplished so much in such a short lifetime. My deepest sympathy to her family and the entire community. Karen Landsbaum. She was such an incredible woman! She taught my husband and me when we first got married and her classes were always so inspiring. BDE Heather and Jason. What a tragic loss for our community. Truly a special soul who touched so many lives. She saved my life and my marriage. Baruch Dayan Emet. – Sherry Gvili

BDE what tragic and heartbreaking news. Truly an extraordinary woman who touched the lives of every person who had the zechut of knowing her. She was filled with only good and had such kindness to spread. She will be missed by all. May HaShem send her family much strength and comfort 💔– Shani Druker

Sharon was one of the funniest and warmest people I knew. We parted ways many years ago after precious years of learning, growing, and building families. Both Brits and both Rebetzin’s and then both therapists, we moved to the US but we always stayed in touch, amused at where life had positioned us. I can’t fathom the world without you Sharon and even though I know Hashem has His plan, I find it so very hard to think of being in this world without you. I hope that You can feel now how much love and how much merit you were responsible for creating.

Sharon was so bright and alive and besmirch. She never missed a chance to make you laugh or send a compliment your way… I am thinking of her beautiful family and we must daven that they find strength at this devastating time. BDE – Ruth Lynn

One of the most remarkable things about Sharon is that no one is or will be speaking in platitudes. It’s all real….Today my son told me you changed his life. He said I could share this in front of others. You were his therapist. You helped him cope with the anxiety that emerged after his dad was very sick. Sharon, you gave him so much confidence. You held him as a newborn with the joy of a mother’s own. And you carried him when he grew and felt fear. You helped the fear float away. He thinks of you, now at 14, when he sees your gifted poster on the wall that says: “I am capable of doing difficult things.” – Calanit Kopple

Yes, those wonderful bear hugs! We live across the street from the Shenker’s. A year ago, we had a crisis that occurred on Shabbos. we had a mais mitzvah, a friend, who was visiting Los Angeles, and suddenly died. I was busy trying to find a rabbi to help me deal with the situation. Sharon opened her home and her heart to my kids in the middle of all of the chaos. Last night, my daughter, Fraida, shared with me how she had been so distraught, and Sharon gave her the most. AMAZING hug and helped her calm down. – Miriam Goldie Huttler

Before I was married I used to spend many Shabbat meals at the Shenker’s home. I learned countless lessons from being in their home and watching how Sharon interacted with her husband, her children, and their guests. One Shabbat I came for lunch she had let me know beforehand that it was going to be just me and her family and it was going to be a low-key meal. We had just sat down to lunch when there was a knock on the door. Sharon opened the door to a (LARGE) family who was there for lunch! Apparently, the family mixed the dates up and was supposed to come the following week and accidentally showed up a week early. Sharon welcomed them in with her big warm smile and never said a word about them coming to the wrong meal. I met her in the kitchen and we went through her fridge and cabinets and tossed together more food for the meal she never showed them that she was stressed or anxious about them being there at all. The meal itself was simple but it was just such a happy atmosphere. She kept saying how happy she was that the family was there and made them feel so welcomed and loved. She was constantly overflowing with Chesed for everyone around her and the way she lived her life helped make me into a better person. – Ally Poret




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