Who was Rico Burton? What happened to Tyson Fury’s cousin? REVEALED

What happened to Rico Burton? Who stabbed Tyson Fury's cousin? REVEALED

In a heartfelt social media message, Fury said that his cousin Rico Burton was fatally stabbed last night. He also pleaded with the UK government to do more to stop knife crime. Let’s see What happened to Rico Burton and yesterday’s London knife violence in detail.


Tyson Fury shared his cousin’s death

Following the alleged murder of his cousin Rico Burton, Tyson Fury has spoken of his heartbreak today.

The unexpected Instagram post from the boxing legend this morning broke the tragic news. He posted a Photo of STOP KNIFE CRIME and said,

My cousin was murdered last night and stabbed in the neck, this is becoming ridiculous idiots carrying knives. This needs to stop 🛑 Asap, UK 🇬🇧 government needs to bring higher sentencing for knife crime, it’s a pandemic & you don’t know how bad it is until it’s 1 of your own! Life is very precious & it can be taken away very quickly enjoy every moment🙏RIP RICO BURTON 🙏 may the lord god grant you a good place in heaven. see you soon 🔜🙏 #onlycowardscarryweapons


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Who was Rico Burton?

Who was Rico Burton

Just after 3 in the morning, Rico, 31, was reportedly stabbed in the neck outside a bar in Altrincham, Manchester. The boxing legend Tyson Fury said Rico was his cousin and this is becoming ridiculous idiots carrying knives & This needs to stop Asap. 

After the 31-year-old was fatally stabbed outside a bar early this morning, tributes have been made to Tyson Fury’s cousin.

Following the assault, Rico Burton passed away, and boxing star Tyson Fury revealed the heartbreaking event in an Instagram post.

Before becoming a roofer, Rico had trained with Fury when he was a young guy. Friends said that he had been selling cars in more recent years.


What happened to Rico Burton?

What happened to Rico Burton

The exact reason behind Mr. Rico Burton’s fatal injuries is still unknown.

His passing occurs in the midst of a wave of knife and gun violence that has largely targeted London in the UK.

Four males were stabbed in Brixton only last night. On the basis of possible attempted murder, seven persons have been arrested.


Steve Egan expressed his grief,

Steve Egan expressed his grief

Former Rico and Fury coach Steve Egan expressed his “devastation” after learning of the incident.

A coach at Jimmy Egan Boxing Academy in Manchester, the 60-year-old stated Rico had competed there as a youth and had boxed there until he was 19 years old.

He quit the gym to pursue a job in construction and roofing.

Rico is a nice young man, and I taught him, Steve told The Sun. I’m in shock. “I feel like crying. Since he was 13 years old, I’ve known him and his brother. He was amazing. What a gift.

He put forth a lot of effort at work and in the ring. He was always a grafter. He was a great guy; I used to refer to him as our Billy Joe Saunders because of how skilled a boxer he was.

There “wasn’t a bad bone” in Rico, he claimed. He wasn’t that kind of kid, the man remarked. “I could never imagine him getting in problems with anyone, or causing trouble.”

“I’m heartbroken beyond belief. It’s a game for cowards. “It’s plain stupid if you carry a knife; you should get five years just for keeping it in your pocket.

“His mother is going to be devastated; it’s going to finish her off.

He usually had a smile on his face because he knew how well he boxed. He adores his mother, brother, and cousin.

Rico “has always admired” Fury, according to Steve. He considered Tyson to be a hero and aspired to be like him “said he. “He was good friends with Tyson, and they would spar together.”

Eddie Nevins, a family friend, described him as a “funny man and a good fighter, one we looked up to as youngsters.”

Bar employees who saw the incident are “shocked and horrified,” while nearby resident Michael Edwards told The Sun: “It’s extremely frightening when anything like this happens.

It’s horrible that so many individuals these days are carrying knives.


Who stabbed Rico Burton?

As fighting broke out on a London street, FOUR men were stabbed during the course of the night. Seven people have been detained on suspicion of attempted murder.

Around 6.20 p.m., police and paramedics hurried to Josephine Avenue in Brixton in response to reports of a massive street brawl.

A man in his 30s who had suffered terrible injuries was discovered by emergency personnel. He was rushed to the hospital.  The Sun is aware of how serious his situation is.

Unknown in age, a second male had also been stabbed. He was arrested on accusations of trying to kill someone.

When a Mercedes was seen driving away from the crime site, officers pulled it over and arrested three guys. A mile or so from the tragedy, near Coldharbour Lane, the car came to a halt.

During the stop, one of the males inside the car was Tasered.

Two further people were found inside with knife wounds and were brought to the hospital.

Three other men have also been arrested on attempted murder arrest warrants. They are now being taken into custody.

Today, a Met Police spokeswoman stated:

“On Saturday at 6:19 p.m., Josephine Avenue received a call from the police reporting a brawl involving many individuals.

“Along with paramedics from London Ambulance Service, officers attended. A 30-year-old male was found with stab wounds. Before being transferred to the hospital, he received treatment on the spot.

“After being discovered at the site with stab wounds, another guy was taken into custody on suspicion of trying to kill someone. Before being brought into jail, he was taken to the hospital.

“Police at Coldharbour Lane, SW9, stopped a car that was observed leaving the area. Three individuals were held before being subsequently arrested on attempted murder charges. One of the males was restrained with a taser.

“One of the males who had been arrested had been transported to the hospital for treatment after discovering he had suffered a minor stabbing wound.

“After being discovered to have stab wounds, another male passenger of the car was rushed to the hospital. We are awaiting an update on the three male hospital patients’ conditions.

“Three more individuals were arrested on suspicion of attempted murder at the site. They are now being held in jail.

“There are several crime sites there. The investigations go on.”

The tragic tragedy is simply the most recent in a string of violent crimes that have plagued the city.


Rico Burton Cause of death

Rico Burton Cause of death is yet to be released. Police are investigating the incidents.

Sadiq Khan, the mayor of London, attributed the rise in crime to the weather.

“I’m afraid this summer we are witnessing what we expected, which is an increase in violent crime… there are longer daylight hours, school vacations, a heatwave, and so forth,” he said in an interview with LBC.

To stop the violence, “We are collaborating with the police.”


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Knife and Guns are getting uncontrollable

Earlier this week, Lee Byer, 44, was accused of killing Thomas O’Halloran. As he rolled his mobility scooter through Greenford, the 87-year-old was stabbed.

And a guy in his 30s was fatally stabbed in Altrincham in the early hours of the morning in Manchester. The horrifying incident at 3.30 AM also gravely wounded a 17-year-old kid.

On the same day, 58-year-old chef Li Sung was reportedly killed just off Oxford Street.

The killing has been blamed on Li Hunan, 60.

And on Monday afternoon, Aziza Bennis, 58, was stabbed in her Ealing home. Hanaa Bennis, her 21-year-old daughter, is accused of murder.

Sonny Booty, 36, who was discovered dead at a Lewisham residence on Sunday, August 14, and Stephen Goodman, 60, who was reportedly murdered in Dagenham, both passed away just hours before.

In relation to the events, two persons face murder charges.

A 25-year-old man was shot and killed in Walthamstow on Saturday, August 13, in what police are calling a “targeted attack.” Nobody has been detained.


Tyson Fury’s message

What happened to Rico Burton? Who stabbed Tyson Fury's cousin?

After promising to come out of retirement and challenge Oleksandr Usyk in a thrilling world title battle, Fury posted the heartfelt message just hours later.

Last night in Saudi Arabia, the Ukrainian defeated Anthony Joshua and successfully defended his titles.

Usyk, 35, asserted that his next step was to become the Gypsy King or retire.

Fury, 34, revealed this morning that he is willing to return to the ring to reclaim his heavyweight titles.

In a since-deleted Instagram post, he wrote:

“I just witnessed Joshua lose to Usyk for the second time; he was out of his element.

“However, England no longer needs to tighten its belts. Yet again, as usual.

“There is a remedy and a solution that I can suggest. If you want those belts back then send in the Gypsy barbarian of England. Come on!

“Send me in. I will relieve the Ukrainian dosser of his belts like I did the last Ukrainian dosser. “But its not gonna be cheap. If you want the best you’ve got to pay, it’s gonna be very expensive. “So get your f***ing chequebook out and I will relieve that Ukrainian dosser.”

He earlier stated that it would take £500,000,000 to get him to fight again, but he claimed that, the night following the fight in Jeddah, he would defeat both Usyk and AJ.

He fumed: “After viewing that, the both of them were s***e.” He had been watching TV with his family and friends while on vacation in Menorca. One of the worst heavyweight championship matches I’ve ever witnessed.

“It was bulls***. Come on!”

Born in Manchester, Fury hails from a large family. Six of his own children are his and his wife Paris’s, a 31-year-old. Although the boxer also has a property in Vegas, they reside in Lancashire.

Roman, his younger brother, became the ninth professional boxer in his family in December 2020.

The champion’s sister had been working out with the Gypsy King throughout lockdown despite having no amateur experience.



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