Eden committed suicide: What happened to Jeremy Buckingham’s son?

Jeremy Buckingham's son

A day after telling his parents that a relative had abused him, Eden committed suicide. Let’s see why Jeremy Buckingham’s son committed suicide.

Jeremy Buckingham’s son

A day after admitting he had “suffered the most wicked treatment” from a relative, Eden Buckingham tragically took his own life. Former Greens politician Jeremy Buckingham has offered a devastating eulogy for his son Eden.

The former Greens party member claimed that his “beautiful golden boy” had struggled with mental health problems for the majority of his life.


What happened to Eden?

On Friday, Mr. Buckingham posted on Facebook, “These are the harshest, excruciating words.”

Eden, my golden boy, is no more. I can’t believe I have to continue without him because I love him so much. Tragically, he killed himself on Monday.

Eden battled valiantly because he was a compassionate, clever, and warrior. His family and friends were aware of his struggle and that his mental health had been problematic since a very young age.


What did Mr. Buckingham say?

According to Mr. Buckingham, his adored son could not bear the shame and guilt of suspected family maltreatment.

As Mr. Buckingham added, “Eden couldn’t live with his truth, telling us a day before he passed that he had undergone the most awful treatment from a relative.

“His hope, confidence, and trust were dashed. He could not cope with the hidden shame and guilt and the realization of reality.


What did the NSW police say?

According to a spokesperson for the NSW police, Eden’s body was discovered on Wednesday at 4 p.m. in Bellingen, on the state’s mid-north coast.

The man was last seen on Monday at a property in Bellingen, according to a police spokeswoman. “Officers from Coffs/Clarence Police District began inquiries to locate a man,” the spokesperson said.

Following thorough investigations, a man’s body was discovered in Bellingen yesterday at 4 p.m. not far from a walking trail.

“A report will be drafted for the coroner’s information.”


People’s reaction to Eden’s Suicide

Thousands of sympathizing and encouraging comments poured upon Mr. Buckingham’s post.

Nobody should ever have to bury their child, says the parent. So sad for your family’s tragic loss and the suffering your son must have been experiencing, one user said.

Another person said, “I can’t think of anything more awful than to lose your child, particularly in these circumstances.

“What shockingly upsetting news. You and your family have my condolences, Jeremy. Wishing you comfort in your time of sadness is what another Facebook user commented.



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