Reuben Gulley arrested: Why did he kill Randon Lee? Explained

Reuben Gulley

Randon Lee, the son of Ophelia Nichols, was shot and died on June 24, 2022, in Prichard, Alabama, close to a gas station. Let’s see Reuben Gulley kill Randon Lee.


Who is Reuben Gulley?

A native of Saraland, Alabama, Ruben Gulley. According to other sources, he turned himself in to the police. When Ruben admitted to his misdeeds, he was then taken into custody.

We don’t yet know any additional details concerning his court appearance or his jail term. A murder charge will be brought against Gulley. The 18-year-old boy’s killer is anticipated to spend more than 10 years in prison.

May God grant Randon’s mother, who was frantically looking for her son’s killer, the fortitude to live with her son’s tragic departure. She is undoubtedly feeling justified.


Reuben Gulley kill Randon Lee

Randon Lee, the son of Ophelia Nichols, was murdered, and Reuben Gulley has turned himself in on a murder charge. He was taken into custody Thursday night. On Thursday night, a suspect in the death of 18-year-old Randon Lee was taken into custody.

Reuben Gulley, 20, of Saraland turned himself in to the Mobile County Metro Jail on Thursday afternoon after being charged with murder.

The murder warrant was issued on August 4, per jail records. In this scenario, Gulley has been sought after for a few weeks.


Who shot Lee?

On June 24, Gulley is charged with shooting Lee at a gas station in Prichard. Lee, the son of TikTok celebrity Ophelia Nichols, was allegedly shot after meeting up with two individuals to offer them marijuana, according to investigators.

Lee was fatally shot in a surveillance video FOX 10 News exclusively obtained of the crime.


What did the Investigator say?

When first approached by FOX10 News regarding the arrest, Prichard Police refused to provide any information. The District Attorney’s Office for Mobile County, however, verified the information.

Investigators are unsure if Gulley was the shooter or the getaway driver.

That might be made known when Gulley’s bond hearing is scheduled for Friday.



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