What happened to Leo Rex? Fitness YouTuber Found Dead At Tony Huge’s Home In Thailand


What happened to Leo Rex? Fitness YouTuber Found Dead At Tony Huge’s Home In Thailand

Leo Rex, also known as Leo and Longevity, a popular fitness YouTuber, was discovered dead at his Pattaya home under mysterious circumstances, prompting a police investigation. Leo Rex (Laith Abdullah Algaz), a controversial and well-known YouTuber, passed away at the age of 34. Leo hosted the well-liked Leo and Longevity YouTube channel, which has over 123,000 subscribers. Some others spread the rumor that he committed suicide as soon as word of his death went viral online. Is that so? Let’s find out what happened exactly to Leo Rex in this article.


What happened to Leo Rex?

Leo Rex, also known as Leo and Longevity on YouTube, is a well-known fitness YouTuber who was discovered dead at a Pattaya residence Friday night, January 30, 2023, according to Pattaya police.

Police reacted to a call from additional residents of a home in Pattaya Lagoon Village, off of Soi Kor Phai, Moo 10, at about 8:30 PM on January 30, 2023, according to Pattaya Police Chief Kunlachart Kunlachai.

Laith Abdullah Algaz, 34, an American citizen also known online as Leo Rex, was discovered dead in a bedroom with a private bathroom by police when they arrived at the home. According to reports, Pattaya police contacted the embassy and family members.


“Suspicious death”

According to Chief Kunlachart, who spoke to the related Thai media, the bedroom and bathroom both appeared to have been plundered and the room appeared to be messy. He stated that blood was also discovered on the bedroom floor.

According to Pattaya Police, Mr. Algaz was discovered dead on the floor of the room, only wearing a black t-shirt and no pants, with dried blood visible flowing from his lips and nose. According to the detectives on the scene, Mr. Algaz had been deceased for around five hours.

Witness Statement

Miss Aicha Humera Rattanaphan, 25, a witness, said Pattaya Police that after Mr. Algaz had not been seen for several hours, other residents of the house went to check on him and discovered his room locked and deaf to knocks or vocal calls. They quickly dialed Pattaya Police after discovering Mr. Algaz dead after using a spare key to unlock the door.

The body of Mr. Algaz is being transported by Pattaya Police to the Institute of Forensic Medicine for a thorough autopsy and to determine the precise cause of death. They advised the public not to draw any judgments before the dead has undergone a thorough autopsy and inspection.

According to Kunlachart Kunlachai, the other residents of the house will also be taken to the Pattaya Police station for more questioning and discussion regarding the incident.

Mr. Algaz maintained a consistent YouTube presence where he posted on health and fitness. At the time of publication, he had more than 123,000 followers.

Did he commit suicide?

Leo has publicly acknowledged using a variety of prescription medications, performance-enhancing drugs, and recreational substances. He discussed his experiences with these numerous medications in his podcasts.

The police reportedly discovered marijuana along with several other drugs, including antidepressants, bipolar disorder prescriptions, anxiety medications, sleeping aids, antibiotics, and steroids.

Leo was residing at the home of another well-known YouTuber. Recently, Tony Huge has collaborated on multiple videos with Tony Huge.

According to sources, Leo’s 40-year-old American friend Tony Huge (Charles Anthony Hughes) decided to check on him at home yesterday after being unable to reach him, according to the deceased’s 25-year-old fiancée, who served as Hughes’ interpreter.

Leo did not respond, and the door was locked, so they used the spare key to get into the house and discovered Leo dead in the bedroom, according to reports and Tony Huge. He made a police call right away.

Leo’s friend Boston’s loss

After the passing of his friend Boston Loyd, who used PEDs throughout his life, Leo vanished from the social media world. Boston passed away just under a year ago at the age of 29.

Leo moved to Portugal, according to several reports, leaving behind his partner and child. Soon after, Leo relocated to Thailand and set up a home in Tony Huge’s house.

Leo was a frequent visitor to Tony’s well-liked YouTube channel, where they discussed a wide range of PEDs and recreational drugs.

Leo facing criticism

On his personal YouTube channel, Leo also remade himself. Bodybuilding superstar Antoine Vaillant was a frequent guest on his most recent podcasts. Antoine has overcome his drug addiction as well and frequently shares his story to inspire others.

Antoine hasn’t said anything on social media in response to Leo’s passing as of the time this article was published. Leo has criticized Jim Manion, the NPC, and the Pro League in previous podcasts, accusing them of wrongdoings while Manion was in power.

Leo also made several debunked charges against different bodybuilding celebrities. Leo and well-known YouTuber Jonny Bravo were close friends, but their friendship ended badly, and Bravo decided to reveal Leo’s purported wrongdoings.

Leo and Longevity

When police arrived, the influencer from Colorado was already dead. The topics of his most popular videos were genital enlargement.

In the video, he explains how he lengthened his genitals using a pumping system and weights. In addition to strange sexual advice, Laith’s content featured videos on steroid use, bodybuilding, and false health claims.

The deceased body was discovered by his pals after they were unable to reach him, according to friend Aicha Humera Rattanaphan, 25. They used the backup key to open the locked door and then discovered the body inside.

Police investigation

“He lived by himself in this room.” He did not receive many guests. Police Captain Sombat Kaewmulsuk stated that investigators were looking at CCTV and speaking with suspected suspects.

Police claimed to have found a variety of narcotics, including sleeping pills, steroids, cannabis, and antidepressants. We will question the victim’s pals and a woman who had stayed with him before he passed away, the man stated.

We implore the public to wait until a thorough investigation has been conducted before drawing any conclusions. According to Police Captain Sombat, their investigation has not excluded the possibility of foul play.

He stated: “The room appeared to have been disturbed, so it’s plausible that someone else was with him before he passed away or that the deceased was in some sort of distress.”

The Institute of Forensic Medicine received Laith’s body to perform a post-mortem examination. The death of their countryman was also reported to the US Embassy in Bangkok so that his family could be notified.


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