What happened to James Dockery? Why was the Terre Haute man shot and killed by Indiana state police?


_What happened to James Dockery Why was the terre haute man shot and killed by Indiana state police

Vigo County police shot and killed James Dockery, a resident of Terre Haute (Source: James Dockery Facebook)

An officer-involved shooting in southern Vigo County that resulted in one fatality is being looked at by Indiana State Police.

Everyone knew James Dockery as the nicest guy, with a great sense of humor and a good heart. After learning of his sudden passing, a man from Terre Haute’s friends and family grieve the loss of their beloved.

Let’s examine in more depth what occurred to James Dockery and why Indiana state police shot and murdered the man from Terre Haute.

What happened to James Dockery?

According to the Indiana State Police, a Terre Haute man who had shown firearms during a welfare check passed away on Wednesday after being shot by officers.

James Dockery has been named as the victim. James Dockery was declared dead from his wounds, according to reports, after the incident. At the age of 45, he died.

Law enforcement received a call on Wednesday at around 4:40 p.m. asking for a welfare check on a person who was allegedly suicidal.

Why was the Terre Haute man shot and killed?

Deputies from the Vigo County Sheriff’s Department were called to 7479 South Carlisle Street at around 4:40 p.m. for a welfare check on a male subject who was suicidal.

A short while later, an off-duty Vigo County Deputy visited the residence and made an effort to speak orally with the male subject who was in trouble.

An officer who was on duty arrived shortly after and saw that the male person was carrying firearms. The off-duty constable didn’t have any firearms in his possession, so the on-duty constable gave him a department-issued service rifle.

The deputies ordered the male subject to drop the weapon he was holding verbally, but the subject disobeyed and pointed the rifle toward the deputies.

Then, the constable who was not on duty fired one shot, striking the target. The patient received medical attention right away, but he was declared dead at the site.

No officials are injured in the shooting

Neither of the deputies was hurt in the event. The constable was carrying a body-worn camera while on duty. James Dockery, a 45-year-old resident of Terre Haute, Indiana, has been named as the male subject.

Deputy Dayton Huebner, who was not on duty when the event occurred, was involved. Deputy Huebner has been working for ten years.

He has been given an administrative leave of absence, as is common in shootings involving officers. Sergeant Chris Hawkins has been named as the constable who is currently on duty. 

Ongoing Investigation

Sergeant Hawkins has six years of service. The investigation is being conducted by Indiana State Police detectives, Sergeant Michael Featherling, Don Curtis, Jason Schoffstall, and Ryan Winters.

Also, with the assistance of CSI Sergeant Branden Mullen, and CSI Sergeant Tim Rader of the Putnamville State Police Post.

Also, at this time, there is no additional information to disclose. In addition to this, the Vigo County Prosecutor’s Office will be provided with a complete report of the incident after the Indiana State Police detectives have finished their investigation.

The Vigo County Coroner’s Office and the Vigo County Prosecutor’s Office are assisting. Criminal accusations are only accusations under the law, and the accused is assumed innocent until and unless proven guilty.

How do people react to this shooting?

Sunshine Query-Monnett said,

Prayers for all involved. An officer never wants to shoot to kill but in the line of defense, it may be necessary.

Amanda Frey said,

I have words but I know better than to share them ….. all…. James Dockery was KNOWN by ALL as the NICEST GUY, Who OBVIOUSLY just received a broken heart?

Jennifer Wojak Ashby said,

Oh, I am so, SO SORRY to hear this… I remember when he would come to youth group, and u all would laugh. so. much. May the Lord bring big comfort!

Jensen Cheyenne Joy said,

WOW, there’s a difference… Shooting to kill isn’t necessary unless it’s a violent situation, this man was not only well known as a good person but mental health suicidal you shoot to not kill … maybe in a leg if needed js! But when you shoot including officers you know what you’re doing and where it’s going! Prayers for the family and children involved! So sad.

keep reading,

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  1. I think they shot too fast because they thought they seen him with a a gun…. Police are going to protect themselves always


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