What happened to Cilla Black? Real Cause of death revealed

What happened to Cilla Black? Real Cause of death revealed


Cilla Black Real Cause of death revealed: ‘I’m a wreck!’ Months before her death, Cilla Black ‘wanted herself to die.’

CILLA BLACK died on August 1, 2015. Her close friend subsequently revealed that he believed she “willed” herself to die in the months preceding her death in order to be reunited with her husband, Bobby Willis. This happened after Cilla said she was “a wreck” and that she “knew” her death was on the way.

Cilla Black was one of Liverpool’s most known stars. She immediately rose to fame in the music industry with The Beatles, soon becoming a national treasure who was adored by everybody.

In addition to her singing career, Of which she was best known for the hit song Anyone Who Had a Heart She was the star of the reality show Blind Date, which she hosted. She also had her own variety program, Cilla, which she hosted. However, she remained unhappy in her later years.

Terry McCann, Cilla’s childhood friend, came up about the celebrity shortly after her death in 2015 at the age of 72. He described how he had met her just before her death and found her to be in a bad mood. Terry stated, “When I found out she had died, I wasn’t surprised. Her final words to me were that she was going blind. She showed me her hands, which were swollen with arthritis.”

What happened to Cilla Black? Real Cause of death

In 2015, the actress died in her home in Estepona, Spain. According to a representative for Andalusia’s High Court of Justice, “an accident” may have had a role in her death. She died of a stroke after a fall, according to an autopsy.

Cilla was aware of her impending death, according to Terry.

Terry shared the following information: “She made up her mind to die. ‘Bobby is waiting for me,’ she said.”

From 1969 through 1999, Cilla was married to Bobby Willis for 30 years. She then went 16 years without seeing him.

Terry went on to say: “Her mother followed in her footsteps. I’m not sure what her mother died of, but it appeared like she linked it to her mother’s death and knew it was coming.” Cilla’s pal also talked about how she felt like she was coming apart at the moment.

Terry gave the following terrible information: “‘Look at me, I’m a wreck,’ she said. I was making an attempt to cheer her up. We didn’t know what she knew. She knew she was about to die, and she declared that she would not be like her mother and linger.” “Her mother was sick for two years with the same illness, and she said she was never going to linger like that,” he said.

Messages from Burt Bacharach, Noel Edmonds, and The Beatles were among many who paid homage to the singer after her terrible passing.

“I just got the news Cilla black has left us she was a lovely friend we will all miss her peace to Cilla peace and love to the family R&B xxx,” tweeted Ringo Starr, a long-lost companion of the star. (sic)

Paul McCartney paid homage to the singer as well.

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