What happened to Caden McGuire? Tiktok star car accident explained

On Wednesday, Tik-Tok star Caden McGuire was involved in a terrible vehicle accident in Nashville. He tweeted about the accident and his health. Let’s What happened to Caden McGuire in detail.


What happened to Caden McGuire?

The former fiancée of country music musician Morgan Wallen, Katie Smith, shared a photo from the crash on Instagram on February 22 at around midnight. According to TMZ, Smith claimed to have been operating a totalled-out SUV. She said that a semi ran a red light and struck the automobile.

With the caption “Thankful to be alive,” Smith posted pictures of the totaled vehicle to her Instagram stories. She also tagged two pals, Caden McGuire and Gabriella Payant.

According to the tags on her post, Smith’s buddy Caden McGuire was also in the car when it collided. He appears to confirm this on his page, uploading the same picture of the wrecked automobile next to a picture of himself wearing bandages.

He wrote,

“Thankful that I walked away from this wreck. The fact that I am still here blows my mind and I can’t wrap my head around it still. Thank you for all the texts, calls, comments and prayers. “

In a different slide, she expressed gratitude for the support of her “lovely friends/family” and mentioned that a doctor passing by had commented that “they shouldn’t be alive, and he definitely shouldn’t be alive.”


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