What happened to Big Scarr? Is he shot dead? Everything about his death Explained


Memphis rapper Alexander Woods known by his stage name “Big Scarr”, best known for his track “SoIcyBoyz”, has passed away unexpectedly. Let’s see what happened to him and if he was shot dead and Everything about his death in detail.


What happened to Big Scarr?

On December 22, 2022, Woods passed away. Gucci Mane, the CEO and founder of the 1017 record company, and several other rappers on the label both posted on the label’s official Instagram account to announce the death.

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Is Big Scarr shot dead?

Woods was shot in the hip in 2020. Woods had to have his appendix removed and his right leg realigned as a result of the bullet going up to his spine.

Big Scarr recounting the 2020 shooting

In 2020, a shooting that came dangerously close to killing Scarr temporarily put an end to the rapper’s rise. 

As he recalled the harm done to his internal organs, Scarr remarked, “I was moving so the bullet kept traveling.

They had to remove my appendix so I could walk again…

On December 22, 2022, Woods overdosed on drugs and died. Gucci Mane, the group’s founder, and several other rappers from 1017 both confirmed the death.

Enchanting, a fellow artist on the 1017 label, also appeared to corroborate the news on her Instagram Story. “Ion wanna talk. Sorry if I don’t answer. I just can’t,” she posted with a broken heart emoji.

Enchatning reacts to Big Scarr death.

In 2022, Scarr was a member of the XXL Freshman Class. He attended the same class as Big30, another rapper from M-Town. They were both featured in their cypher. 30 responded to the reports of Scarr’s passing on Instagram by posting a picture of the 2022 class cover, which features him next to Scarr.

30 commented on the post with the words “We did that” and a purple heart emoji. He added the sentimental statement in a subsequent post: “You know what was up with us, so screw what others talk about [broken heart emoji]. Shiesty knows how I met you because we spent hours together last night, but I can’t tell her that I love her.”

Big30 comments on Big Scarr passing.

Previous illness history: Big Scarr’s daily struggle with pain

The Memphis native deals with anguish every day, but his music celebrates adversity. He explains it to Audiomack. When Alexander Woods was 16 years old, he was involved in an automobile accident that left such a lasting mark that it would later serve as his new identity.

The South Memphis native, who had been thrown through his friend’s car’s glass, tried to heal as best he could. A few years later, when he started rapping, he chose the stage name, Big Scarr, embracing rather than denying the struggles that had shaped him.

Scarr, who is only 21 years old, speaks with maturity and values his family above all else. He frequently refers to his father as his “best friend” in interviews; to me, he claims that the only reason the physical recovery from the accident and that from a shooting that happened just last year seemed manageable was that he had already come to terms with the death of his cherished grandmother.

One of the most interesting rap scenes right now is in Memphis, and Scarr is a gruff, kinetic part of it. His cousin Pooh Shiesty appears to be a genuine sensation, and his old pal Baby K, who first inspired Scarr to rap, is also making waves.

In reality, Gucci Mane signed Scarr to 1017/Atlantic after receiving one of Scarr’s earliest musical works, the throbbing “Make a Play,” via Shiesty.

Another successful family outing resulted from that deal: “My mama turned me onto Gucci,” explains Scarr. We once drove around while listening to “745” and other street crap.

The album Big Grim Reaper, which came out last month, ratchets bones as you might expect, but it also leaves room for disarming honesty, as in the song “Pay Me,” where he raps about taking Percocets to dull the anguish that follows him around every day. It’s the kind of debut that demonstrates a creative talent for snagging fresh spaces within a pre-existing framework.


Who was Big Scarr?

Big Scarr was an American rapper from Memphis, Tennessee, born Alexander Woods (April 7, 2000 – December 22, 2022), better known by his stage name. He was a member of Gucci Mane’s 1017 Records.

He is well known for the song “SoIcyBoyz,” which he co-wrote with Tay Keith, Foogiano, and Pooh Shiesty. On April 16, 2021, he issued his first mixtape, Big Grim Reaper. On the Billboard 200, the tape peaked at position number 25.

Woods was born on April 7, 2000, and raised in South Memphis’ Magnolia neighborhood. Woods was flung through his friend’s car’s glass in a car accident when he was 16 years old.

Big Scarr gained notoriety with the song “SoIcyBoyz,” which also includes Pooh Shiesty and Fogiano. He has also released “SoIcyBoyz 2” and “SoIcyBoyz 3,” the next two entries in the series. Producer Tay Keith contributes to the second and third episodes, while Gucci Mane appears in the third.

Released on April 16, 2021, Big Scarr’s first mixtape, Big Grim Reaper, sold 22,000 copies in its first week and reached number 25 on the Billboard 200. Big Scarr’s first charting project resulted from this.

Tributes & Condolences were poured on Social media for Big Scarr:

Amilli Ceo Page

Noooo… He was a celebrity client of HOME OF CELEBRITIES this is the 3rd artist who died on me before I got to get a real bag with them first it was MO3 then KINGVON now scarr WTF.

Ayana ThelocArtist

 Been A Big Scar Fan Anybody That KNOW ME Know This Followed Him On and IG Always Watched His Lives & Told Him I Love His Music, I Bump His Music Daily Especially In The Mornings Taking My Kids To School & Know All His Songs Word For Words The Kids Even Sing Em With Me & I Wanted To Do His Hair So Bad, I Messaged Him Even When I Knew He Wouldn’t Respond Guess I Never Will Now, I’m So Hurt, Courtney Like Baby I Know You Hurt That’s Yo Guy 

Mallory Dwyer

All the ppl taking their time to comment “WHO” should have just scrolled past the post since udk who he is not only does he say who he is but be respectful Why waste ur time if udk him or his music if u didn’t come to say something respectful lmao weird MFS

Chris James Gda

The thing about A lot of rappers is nowadays a lot of them think they are untouchable or unbeatable… there is always someone crazier than the next

Susan Spence

My, God Bless his Soul … young Brothers gotta start staying longer in high school & prepare themselves to be successful outside of the music industry …

India Deus Sueños

He was So young and full of life!!! Made some corrections for the ppl that should’ve been named Merriam-Webster!!! Look it up in case you guys ain’t familiar with it!!!

Antoinette Amison

Wow another death as always I think being part of the industry =death we are getting used to this and it’s sad but we shall expect people every single day to die so rip is going to be said nonstop


Mane I just knew I was going kick it with scarr one day 💔

John Xiong

There’s a conspiracy theory that record label sign black artists who are new to this career and they also get them a lot of life insurance policies…. It’s weird how they keep magically getting into these accidents… just saying something is not right!

Zach Roberson
It’s fucked because it’s nothing new… prayers for his folk but it just doesn’t make sense anymore, left and right dropping like flies



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