What happened? How did Traci Braxton die? Cause of death revealed

What happened? How did Traci Braxton die? Cause of death revealed


Traci Braxton Cause of death: Traci Braxton died at the age of 50 after a year-long battle with cancer.

The actress, who had appeared in Sinners Wanted, There’s a Stranger in My House, and Chaaw, was Toni Braxton’s (54), sister.


What happened to Traci Braxton?

According to TMZ, Traci Braxton had been battling cancer for a year before passing away on Friday.

When she died, the Braxton Family Values actress was allegedly surrounded by her mother and sisters.

Braxton’s sisters, husband Kevin Surratt, and their son Kevin Jr. survive her.


Her son verified the news on Instagram, posting a photo of the two of them in an embrace and writing, ‘When I found out my mum was unwell, the first thing she said was I’m going to battle and conquer this.’

‘She battled till the last end, and now she is at rest.’ I’ll always love my mother, and this hurts so much, but I’m at peace knowing she’s no longer suffering.

‘I love you, mum, and I’ll miss you.’


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Toni posted a family memorial with a photo of them altogether, writing: ‘It is with the deepest grief that we notify you of the demise of our sister, Traci.’

‘Needless to say, she was a shining star, a beautiful daughter, an outstanding sister, a kind mother, wife, grandma, and a well-known performer.’ We will all miss her terribly.

‘Traci died this morning as the snow fell; our angel is now a snowflake.

‘We respectfully request that you respect our privacy as we intend to send her home with love, celebrating her life.’ We will always be family. ‘With love, The Braxtons.’


How did Traci Braxton die? Death cause

Traci Braxton had been battling cancer for a year and passed away last Friday.

No one know she was suffering from cancer, it was made private.

How did Traci Braxton die? Death cause

However, in July 2021, someone photographed Braxton at her son’s wedding. According to KeyAndSheaShow, those photos showed her remarkable weight loss, which naturally prompted her followers to express their concern over her general health.

Traci supposedly got to the point where she turned off comments due to fan speculation. Braxton has not officially addressed fans’ concerns.

But the truth is that she was battling cancer at the time of her son’s wedding, which is why she lost so much weight.

Braxton starred on the family’s reality program from 2011 until 2020, and she also recorded a popular song, Last Call.

She was one of five sisters, the others being Toni, Towanda, Tamar, and Trina, and she had an older brother named Michael.


What happened? How did Traci Braxton die? Cause of death


Traci Braxton Cause of death

It was stated last year that Braxton Family Values will return for a second season after transferring from its previous network, We TV, to a new channel, but sister Towanda revealed last month that arrangements had fallen through and the show was no longer on the air.

The family had gone through a difficult period in recent years, with niece Lauren Braxton, Michael Braxton’s daughter, dying in 2019 at the age of 24 from a heroin overdose and fentanyl intoxication.

Sister Tamar was also rushed to the hospital after attempting suicide in July 2020, but was saved by lover David Adefeso, who spotted her comatose at the Ritz Carlton Residences in Los Angeles.

Following her discharge from the hospital, she opened out about her mental health fight, thanking him for saving her life that day, and calling for mental health concerns to be ‘normalized and recognized,’ rather than being connected with shame and disgrace.’

Our heartfelt condolences go out to her family and friends who are grieving her loss, especially her son – Medico topics

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