What happened to Gerardo Rozín? How did he die? Cause of death

What happened to Gerardo Rozín

What happened to Gerardo Rozín: Gerardo Rozín, a driver, producer, and journalist, died this Friday at the age of 51, after battling a terminal illness. As per his personal friend and Rosario mayor, Pablo Javkin, Gerardo Rozín was diagnosed with a brain tumor about a year ago that would be “irreversible” by 2021.

Who was Gerardo Rozín?

In 1970, Gerardo Rozín was born in Rosario. He worked as a journalist, producer, and radio and television host. He rose to prominence on Nicolás Repetto’s Saturday bus show, where he performed a segment that later became impartial to become its own cargo: the animal query.

He got his start in journalism when he was 12 years old, thanks to a friend. Each had made the first list of missing students from their school “before Never Again,” as he put it.

Gerardo Rozín’s Statement

Gerardo Rozín made a heartfelt farewell toast and thanked his colleagues, his family, and the cycle’s public on the last program in which he was present, which aired on December 26 at the time of closure.

“On my way here, I was thinking that, for some reason, I keep the personal toast for the first time.” Why? Because I have a good situation. It’s nice to get the toast just right. I’m in good shape. I adore those who adore me. I adore the people I adore. They are aware. “I’m going straight to work,” she began her emotional farewell.

“I’m a person who never had a weekend,” he continued. Never. I began working in a newspaper at the age of 15, and the newspapers used to have free Friday and Saturday or Sunday and Monday. Since then, there has been no cause for complaint because my life has gone well. I do what I want. It’s just a comment, so it’s not a complaint.”

In addition, he mentioned how his family adjusted to his media work: “My children haven’t seen me for a full weekend.” Because if it wasn’t one thing, it was something else. I’ve been working for over 30 years and have never had a weekend off, except during vacation weeks. Today I realized that I work for people who have a different way of having fun. “I enjoy trying to make them happy,” she added.

Gerardo Rozín Cause of death

Gerardo Rozín, a driver, producer, and journalist, died this Friday at the age of 51, after battling a brain tumor.

Because of his health, the journalist had to leave his program “La Pea de Morfi,” which was part of Telefe’s cycle that began with Jesica Cirio.

What do you need to know about brain tumor

A brain tumour is a collection of abnormal cells that grow in or around the brain. According to the radiology info website, it is dangerous to the healthy brain because it invades or destroys healthy brain tissue, compressing and displacing it.

“Because the brain is contained within the skull, which has a limited amount of space, a growing tumour can cause significant brain damage,” the same health website continues.

Brain tumours can be either malignant (also known as brain cancer) or benign (they do not contain cancer cells). They can be primary (begin in the brain) or metastatic (spread throughout the body) (cancer cells from other parts of the body travel to the brain).

Treatment will be determined by the size and type of tumor, its rate of growth, and overall health. According to the publication, these may include surgery, chemotherapy, targeted biological therapy, radiation therapy, or a combination of these.

Gerardo Rozín death cause

Gerardo Rozín, the journalist and host of The Rock of Morfias, confirmed Clarion’s death on Friday, March 11, at the age of 51after battling a brain tumour.

In the final hours, it was discovered that he was going through a sophisticated second. It’s because the driving force, who was preventing a health issue that kept him away from his work activities, remained hospitalized, and the information about his situation was not good.

Funeral rites

This Sunday, the day he will be buried in his homeland, in the Israelite Cemetery of Rosario, where his mother is also buried, will be his final farewell.

He will be fired this Saturday, from 11 a.m. to 3 p.m., at the Caramuto wake house on Independencia Avenue in the Almagro neighborhood. They will then transport him to Rosario, where he will be buried on Sunday. It is unclear whether or not both religious practices will be open to the public.

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