What happened? How did Shane Olivea die? Cause of death revealed

What happened? How did Shane Olivea die? Cause of death revealed


What happened? How did Shane Olivea die and the Cause of death: This morning, I awoke to the sad news that @OhioStateFB had lost a great player. Last night, Shane Olivea passed away. Shane was an offensive tackle for Ohio State from 2000 to 2003. All-Big 10 champion and national champion.

We’ve gathered to grieve the loss of Shane Olivea, a Former Ohio State football player. His passing has left many sad, and many have taken to Twitter to express their condolences. They’re also sending their condolences to their loved ones.


Who was Shane Olivea?

Shane Olivea was an offensive tackle in the National Football League. The San Diego Chargers selected him in the seventh round of the NFL Draft in 2004. He was a member of the Ohio State football team in college.

Former Ohio State football player Shane Olivea aims to become a college coach and help others escape a similar fate after his NFL career was ruined by a painkiller addiction.


What happened to Shane Olivea?

Shane Olivea, a former Ohio State and Chargers offensive tackle died on Thursday, according to the Chargers. He was 40 years old at the time.


How did Shane Olivea die? Death Cause

The chargers were the first to report the news.

According to them, the Chargers are heartbroken to learn that former offensive tackle Shane Olivea has died at the age of 40.

However, speculations from Twitter say, he might have had a cardiac arrest. But no official information is yet to confirm this.


Shane Olivea Cause of death

The formal obituary statement from Shane Olivea’s family has yet to appear.

Several websites, however, have already published obituary notes for the former football player.

Shane died on March 3, 2022, according to his Wikipedia profile. The exact cause of his death has yet to be determined.

However, we guarantee you that we will provide you with an update as soon as the information becomes available to the general public. Please return to our website for more breaking news and trending topics.


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Condolences to Shane Olivea


Shane Olivea pain killer addiction story

How did Shane Olivea die? Cause of death revealed

After his debut season with the San Diego Chargers, Shane Olivea told The Columbus Dispatch that he was eager every day.

“At my height, I was taking 125 Vicodin each day,” he stated. “It came to the point where I took a pile of 15 Vicodin pills and had to drink chocolate milk with them.” I’d toss it out if I made it with water or Gatorade.”

Olivea said that he got the medicines from his own sources, one of which was in Mexico. He parked in front of an Arby’s restaurant and paid a cab driver he knew $100 to take him to a Tijuana “pharmacy.”

“If you have money, you can purchase anything,” Olivea said. “I’m either going to buy a few hundred Vicodins or switching to Oxycontin.”

Olivea claimed to have spent approximately $584,000 on painkillers. As a result of his withdrawal from his colleagues, his relationship with his coaches and management deteriorated. Late in the 2007 season, he got off the bench, and his weight had risen to about 390 pounds.

After he refused to answer, Olivea’s parents were likewise concerned. In April 2008, his mother staged an intervention, and the Long Island, New York native entered a drug addiction treatment facility in California. Doctors there informed him he was fortunate to be alive, he added.

‘We’ve never seen anybody with this much opioid in their body,’ they all replied, looking at me. “You are truly a walking miracle,” Olivea said. “Wow, that was quite a punch.”

Olivea signed with the New York Giants during his recuperation after being released by the Chargers. After sustaining a back ailment, he was discharged.

At the age of 35, Olivea re-entered Ohio State in 2015 and graduated with a degree in the sports industry in December.

He stated that he had multiple job openings. Despite the fact that he has never coached before, he claims that his gaming experience has convinced him that he would be successful both on and off the court, including assisting others who are considering drugs.

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