West Nebraska shooting: Who is Tristan Ferguson? Why he shot Jesse Krausnick? Explained

According to the Nebraska State Patrol, a homicide that occurred between Thursday and Friday night is under investigation. A 19-year-old has been arrested for the shooting and a 19-year-old victim passed away. Let’s see more about West Nebraska shooting in detail.

Who is Tristan Ferguson?

According to the Nebraska State Patrol, 19-year-old Tristan Ferguson is suspected of killing Jesse Krausnick at a residence close to Broadway and 12th Streets. Southwest Nebraska’s Imperial is located around 50 miles south of Ogallala.

Ferguson has been arrested and sent to the Chase County Jail on accusations of manslaughter, felony weapon usage, and other offenses.

West Nebraska Shooting

The Imperial Police Department and Chase County Sheriff’s Office responded to a complaint of a gunshot that occurred overnight at a residence in the 100 block of 12th Street in Imperial.

A victim with a gunshot wound was found. Jesse Krausnick, a 19-year-old victim, was brought to an Imperial hospital but died soon after.

Why Tristan Ferguson shot Jesse Krausnick?

The reason why Tristan Ferguson shot Jesse Kraysnick was not revealed yet. Currently Nebraska State Patrol is investigating the homicide case. The Victim Jesse Kraysnick is dead after being shot .

The Suspect Tristan Ferguson is been investigated by Nebraska State Patrol.

Ferguson has been detained in the Chase County Jail on allegations of homicide, felony weapon usage, and other offenses. The investigation is still ongoing.


The Nebraska State Patrol is investigating a homicide that happened Thursday night in north Imperial that claimed the life of a 19-year-old.

The patrol has been asked to assist Imperial Police with their ongoing homicide investigation.

In addition to other allegations, Ferguson was detained on suspicion of manslaughter and using a firearm during a crime.


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