Dave Whitlock passed away at 87, Author Cause of death Explained

Dave Whitlock

The fly fishing legend, author, and artist, Dave Whitlock passed away at 87 on November 25, 2022. Let’s see how did the author die and Dave Whitlock cause of death in detail.

How did the fly fishing legend die?

A pioneer, a legend, and the flyfish magazine’s author, Dave Whitlock, has passed away at the age of 88.  Dave’s death news was confirmed by Dave & Emily Whitlock Fly Fishing on their Facebook page.

The death statement shared by the Emily reads, “It breaks my heart to let you know that we lost Dave last night to a massive stroke. Whitlock was working on his boat next to our casting pond when it hit, and was flown to Tulsa for care. But he broke the tippit and drifted gently back to the deep water, the wild that he loved and spent a lifetime exploring, writing and painting about.”

Emily also shared about their time together and how she misses Dave in the post. She ended the statement saying, “Thanks to all of you who have touched our lives so profoundly.

Dave Whitlock cause of death:

Dave Whitlock cause of death was a stroke. He hit with the massive stroke and sadly passed away on November 25, 2022. Tributes flooded in social media once the demise news of Dave broke out. 

Dave, an Oklahoma native, left his job as a research chemist more than 40 years ago and combined his skills in fly fishing, fly tying, photography, painting, illustration, writing, and lecturing to start a new career as a full-time professional in the art of fly fishing.


Who was Dave Whitlock?

Dave’s artwork and writing can be seen in a variety of fly-fishing and sports magazines, including Fly Fisherman Magazine, Fly Fishing and Tying Journal, Trout Magazine, and others. 

The L.L. Bean Fly Fishing Handbook, the L.L. Bean Bass Fly Fishing Handbook, Imitating and Fishing Natural Fish Foods for Lefty’s Little Library, and Trout – A Compact Guide for Fly Fishers are among his five published works.

Dave’s works:

The Flytyer’s Almanac, Second Flytyer’s Almanac, Art Flick’s Master Fly Tying Guide, McClane’s Fishing Encyclopedia, Migel’s Stream Conservation Book, Masters on the Nymph, and numerous other works are among the many he has co-authored or contributed to. President Carter’s and Steve Raymond’s Year of the Angler and Year of the Trout are among the more than 20 books he has drawn.

Dave showcases his fly-fishing abilities and instructional abilities in a number of videos and through guest appearances on television fly-fishing shows.

Dave’s awards:

Dave has established himself as one of the best professional fly fishers in the sport. Dave earned awards like The National Fresh Water Hall of Fame, the Trout Hall of Fame, Max Ander’s Wild Trout Award for his work in the propagation of wild trout. The Federation of Fly Fishers’ Conservation Man of the Year Award is awarded for his fly-fishing and fly-tying achievements. 

The Buz Buzeck Flytyer Award, the highest distinction in the fly-tying industry, recognized his inventiveness in developing new fly-tying techniques.

He earned the FFF James E. Henshall Award for his efforts in warm-water fishing and conservation, as well as the FFF Ambassador Award for promoting fly fishing and conservation on a national and international scale. 

Dave received the Lifetime Contribution Award from the National American Fly Tackle Trade Association and is a member of the Arkansas Game & Fish Hall of Fame.

Other works:

The Whitlock-Vibert Box System is among Dave’s most significant contributions to wild trout management and preservation. 

The FFF Whitlock-Vibert Box Handbook is another work by him. He is well-known throughout the world for his creative and successful fly-tying creations, such as the well-liked Dave’s Hopper. 

The entirety of Dave’s work, especially his art, captures the realism of nature and associated fly-fishing topics as seen through the eyes of a true sportsman.

Tributes to Dave Whitlock:

South East Mass TU posted,

We lost a legend with the passing of Dave Whitlock. He was a true sportsman, kind soul, and made us all better. Rest in Peace, Dave.

Missouri On The Fly Podcast posted,

I share this podcast that i did with him in the memory of one of the greats in fly fishing Dave Whitlock. He was a very humble down to earth man that was a library when it came to fly fishing. He will be sadly missed.

Fly On The Water posted,

It is a sad day, my mentor and dear friend is no longer with us. Dave Whitlock you were loved by so many and I will always love you deeply.

“Unable are the loved to die. For love is immortality.” – Emily Dickinson.

Monocacy TU posted,

A pioneer, legend and the nicest man you’d ever meet, Dave Whitlock, has passed. He is irreplaceable. Our hearts are with his family.

Bespoke Flies tweeted,

It is a sad day, my mentor and dear friend is no longer with us. Dave Whitlock you were loved by so many and I will always love you deeply.


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