Watch Video: Gold Coast Helicopter Crash, What happened? Pilot Ash Jenkinson & other 3 died



The pilot who died on Monday on the Gold Coast after two Sea World tour helicopters collided has been named as Ashley Jenkinson, a well-known person in the aviation world. Let’s see about Gold Coast Helicopter Crash in detail.

Gold Coast Helicopter Crash

Four persons were killed in a mid-air collision between two helicopters today on Australia’s Gold Coast, according to officials, and pictures from the scene showed one of the helicopters’ rotors laying on a sand bank.

One of the helicopters managed to land on a sandbank near Sea World. Picture: 9 News

According to police, three more persons are in critical condition.

A few steps from the coast, one helicopter was lying on its side on the sand. Images from public broadcaster ABC showed that its rotors were nearby.

At the crash scene, which is close to the well-known Sea World marine theme park, the other helicopter appeared to be largely unharmed.

Images of the aftermath revealed a bright yellow rescue aircraft had landed nearby, its rotors whirring, with a large number of rescuers strewn about. Several police and rescue boats waited nearby, just off the sandbank where the two aircraft’s debris was scattered.

What happened?

Three of Mr. Jenkinson’s passengers, including a woman and two young boys, died in the accident, along with Mr. Jenkinson, a chief pilot for Sea World Helicopters.

Three other passengers were transferred in serious condition to Gold Coast University Hospital.

Ash Jenkinson (pictured). Image:Facebook.

The passengers of the second helicopter, which made a successful safe landing on a sand bar, were just slightly hurt.

Those who knew Mr. Jenkinson, 40, have praised his “heroic” efforts during the 2017 floods when he sent packages to families who were cut off and have referred to him as a “true legend.”

A small son, whose first birthday was celebrated in September, is left behind by Mr. Jenkinson.

In a statement, the pilot’s employer offered its condolences to every victim of the accident.

A spokesperson said,

“Sea World Helicopters has expressed its shock and deepest sympathy for those involved in the Sea World helicopter accident on the Gold Coast,” 

“We and the entire flying community are devastated by what has happened and our sincere condolences go to all those involved, and especially the loved ones and family of the deceased.

“We are cooperating with all the authorities, including the Australian Transport Safety Bureau and the Queensland Police. As it is now a police investigation we cannot provide any further information at this stage.”

Queensland Police statement

Following the crash, which happened just before 2:00 p.m. local time, at least 13 persons required medical attention.

The four deaths were verified by Queensland Police South Eastern Regional Duty Officer Gary Worrell during a press conference on Monday afternoon.

He also mentioned that three more patients were still in serious condition.

He said,

“At about 2pm today, police and emergency services were called to a two-helicopter midair collision just opposite Sea World in the Broadwater,” 

“Those two aircraft have crashed and landed on the sand bank just out from Sea World resort.

“Police and emergency services and members of the public attended the incident. Those people were confronted with a significant incident and, as a result of that incident, four people have lost their lives today, and we have three others critical in hospital.”

“The investigation is ongoing, there will be a report by police for the coroner, and also the Australian Transport Safety Bureau is leading an investigation.”

Acting Inspector Worrell emphasized how grateful police officers were to the general public for its assistance at the crash site.

The reason for the sad tragedy is currently under investigation by the authorities. The probe, according to Acting Inspector Worrell, is still in its “very early stages.”

He said,

“It’s a difficult scene. Due to the area it’s located, on the sand bank, it was difficult to gain access, to get our emergency services to the scene to manage it appropriately. So I’d like to thank all those who attended to make that possible.”

“It only happened a few hours ago, and we’ve just managed to have all the critically injured patients taken to hospital.”

“It would appear that one helicopter has been taking off and the other has been landing. The inquiries will obviously identify how the incident has occurred.”

He claimed to have realized that the seven victims—seven people who either died or had serious injuries—came from the same helicopter.

He emphasized once more that the ATSB’s investigation will corroborate the incident’s specifics. Images show the two involved helicopters laying on the beach bar, severely damaged, with emergency personnel swarming all around them. “Sea World Helicopters” is written on at least one aircraft.

He explained,

“One air frame has had the windscreen removed, and it’s landed safely on the island. The other air frame has crashed, and it was upside down.”

“Members of the public and the police tried to remove the people, and commenced first aid and tried to get those people to safety.”

Queensland Ambulance Service statement

The Queensland Ambulance Service sent “all available resources,” including critical care paramedics and two medical helicopters, to deal with the incident, according to a spokesperson, Jayney Shearman, who was speaking to the media.

Glass shrapnel was primarily responsible for such minor wounds.

“In the initial stages, there were 13 people that were identified on those two helicopters, there were three critical patients that were treated, and six lighter injuries.”

“This is very traumatic, and certainly our thoughts and condolences go out to the families of all those involved,” she said.

“Access to the sand bar was actually very well coordinated, there was a lot of assistance from our allied services. So they were able to ferry our officers across.”

Following the collision, SeaWorld Drive was shut down to traffic, and people were advised to stay away.


According to the Gold Coast Bulletin, Dang Nguyen and Julie Gill, two witnesses, saw “two helicopters smash into each other.”

Another witness reported seeing the incident with her daughter online.

“People on both (helicopters). Landed on the sand not in Sea World thank goodness. Just praying for all. Hope this is not a tragedy.”

Another person wrote,

“We heard a loud noise and saw bits of debris flying.” 

One of the planes was “in a spiral with the cockpit glass breaking away after contact,” a Sea World guest told 7 News.

A dad who was with his little son inside Sea World at the time of the alleged collision reported hearing “a big explosion.”

John told 3AW.,

“I was just walking my son and some Sea World staff were running outside. Didn’t really know what had happened but there was a massive bang.” 

“They’ve closed that side of the park now so people can’t look out the side into the water. Pretty scary stuff.”


The ATSB has already begun looking into the situation from a safety perspective.

The bureau said,

“During the evidence gathering phase of the investigation, ATSB investigators will examine the wreckage and map the accident site.”

“Investigators will also recover any relevant components for further examination at the ATSB’s technical facilities in Canberra, gather any available recorded data for analysis, and interview witnesses and other involved parties.”


Watch video: Two helicopters collided on Australia’s Gold coast, leaving 4 dead and rest injured, what happened?

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