Watch Video: Costa Titch passing out on stage? Cause of death Explained

Costa Titch
Costa Titch, 27


Costa Titch, a young South African musician, passed away at a concert in Johannesburg after collapsing on stage. Read on to know more about the Titch cause of death.

What happened to Costa Titch?

South African rapper and songwriter Costa passed away at a music festival in Johannesburg, according to reports. 

While singing one of his songs, the 27-year-old collapsed on stage. Later, he stood up and resumed his performance before collapsing once again. The volunteers came to help him immediately and after sometimes, it was reported that he was died.

How did Costa Titch die?

The young hip-hop artist, Costa Titch reportedly collapsed and died suddenly on stage during his performance at Ultra Music Festival.

He died during the music concert that took place at the Nasrec Expo Center, Johannesburg on Saturday night, 11 March. 

This sad news was confirmed by entertainment commentator Phil Mphela on Twitter just before midnight.

Fans were shocked by his sudden demise and several politicians, fans, musicians, fellow artists, and celebrities paid tribute to the young artist on social media platforms.

Watch video:

Titch, who is famous for his unconventional isiZulu style, died at the age of 27. A fan captured the moment on video and now the video of Titch collapsing down was going viral on social media platforms.

About Costa Titch:

Costa Tsobanoglou, also known as Costa Titch, is a phenomenal dancer and vocalist from South Africa. 

He was born on 1995 in Nelspruit Mpumalanga, South Africa. His biggest hits are Activate and Big Flexa Nkalakatha.

The young South African artist’s original name was Costa Tsobanoglou. Costa Titch, as he was affectionately known, was a native of Mbombela, a town close to Mozambique and Swatini’s borders. 

He developed an early interest in entertainment and chose to begin his career as a dancer. He relocated to Johannesburg in 2014, where he gradually improved his rapping skills.

Titch was brought up in a multicultural family by his South African mother and Greek father. Recently, he released a remix single with American singer Akon. 

Costa Titch Musical career:

After the release of his popular single “Activate,” which gained popularity after its release, Costa Titch succeeded.

Despite his early entry into the entertainment industry, he began his career as a dancer in the New Age Steez dance group, which also included Phantom Steeze and Tumi Tladi.

Later, artist Costa Titch entered the rap scene and collaborated with Cassper Nyovest. The former dancer-turned-rapper is now a full-time musician.

Famous songs:

Costa is credited with creating African trap music and has inspired other musicians who perform in the style.

Big Flexa, his biggest hit, has more than 45 million YouTube views. His other compositions, such as Nkalakaatha and Phezulu, have also gained popularity. 

He recently discussed the influence of his mother on his music profession in interviews. He won notoriety on a global scale after placing 14th in an international hip-hop dance competition. 

The single “Phezulu,” included rap diva Boity, quickly rose to the top of the charts and demonstrated the two rappers’ prowess.

Unique style:

The rapper, who was formerly a dancer, has established a style that is recognizable to everyone and has been releasing music regularly since his debut. His songs have received a lot of attention and earned him various honors.

The inclusion of his unique Izizulu lines in his songs has increased the popularity of his songs among the general public.

He is credited with creating African trap music and has inspired other musicians who perform in the style.

Since the majority of his tracks are designed for the dance floor, his raps have a lighthearted tone. The South African music scene has benefited greatly from his “Nkalakatha” hit.

Since his start, he has put out excellent works that have strengthened his reputation as a rapper and dancer.

With his EP releases and collaborations with other top musicians in the Country, he is also one of the best MCs in the game.

Costa Titch cause of death:

South African rapper and songwriter, Titch allegedly collapses and dies during his music performance at Ultra.

According to the unknown reports, he reportedly passed away after collapsing due to a seizure. He was recently signed by Akon.  

He collapsed on stage, and a video of the incident is currently going viral. This is the second loss to the South African music industry after the AKA, who died less than a month.


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